You have to BBC These Shows*

22 Jun

*Sorry, too punny?

How’s your Wednesday treating you? Could it use a good show recommendation or two?  If you just shouted ‘YES’ and raised the roof, then you, my friend, are in luck!

It seems that with the help of a husband who is ‘plugged in’ (for the lack of a non-cheesy metaphor) to entertainment happenings, I am introduced to a lot of new shows. Lately we’ve been sampling shows by network. Earlier in the year, I shared my adulations for a couple FX shows, Sons of Anarchy and Justified. I know, I would not have thought I would be an FX type of gal either. This time, we’ve hopped the pond (maybe my cheesy setting is turned up today) and sampled the BBC. And let me tell you, I was very impressed by the two shows we devoured. The good thing about these two picks? They are at the fingertips of all my fellow Netflix Watch Instantly addicts. Read on to get a clue.

BBC is not too shabby.


If you are one of those people who thought the world had just enough reincarnations of the clever but dusty Sir Arthur Conan Doyle super sleuth, I was with you. But this updated version of Sherlock Holmes has me hooked. For one thing, the dynamic between Sherlock and Watson intrigues me. A kind but war- torn Watson (played by the lovable Martin Freeman aka the ‘Tim’ from The Office UK) balances a cold but secretly thoughtful genius Sherlock, played by a great actor named Benedict Cumberbatch. Um, do names get more British than that? Beyond their engaging friendship and Sherlock’s antics, I enjoyed the mysteries. The first series (or season in Am-ur-ican) mixes tension, fun and intrigue into each of the 3 episodes without getting too gritty or violent, a rare feat in our day and age. I’d recommend the show to fans of the original books, mystery buffs and people who like good TV. I hope for your sake that you fall into one of these categories.


Idris Elba (who played the infamous Stringer Bell in The Wire) takes on the anger-ridden-but-ultimately-good title character in this tense crime drama. As detective John Luther, Elba lights up the screen with brilliant (do I get British term bonus points?) acting. The show follows Luther through tense episodic cases and a personal arc story. The last couple episodes were amazing. No other way to describe them.  I really enjoyed the 6 episodes of the first series, but I feel I need to warn the squeamish readers out there. Luther seems to be on the we-deal-with-crazy-psycho-killers squad. This means that week after week, he chases down bloody (not British slang, but literally) serial killers. Some of the shows can border on scary and violent.  But I did notice that the show often leaves you with the hint of grisly things happening rather than forcing you to watch as every finger is clipped. You have been warned.  But don’t let that stop you; you can also put a blanket over your head like I do.

So there you have it, my BBC recommendations. Next up? We’re going to check out Dr. Who. I’ll let you know how that goes someday. See ya soon!

2 Responses to “You have to BBC These Shows*”

  1. thriftymom June 29, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    We watched Sherlock last night. Looks promising! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Michal July 2, 2011 at 2:34 am #

    Gavin and I just watched the season 2 finale of Sons of Anarchy tonight. I wish I hadn’t read this post. I have 3 weeks with the house to myself coming up and I’m afraid with tv recommendations, I might not be very productive.

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