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Warning: Dangerously Addicting TV

29 Jul

I just want to reinforce the title’s warning. Only read on if you have time sit through back-to-back episodes of physiologically thrilling entertainment.

You still with me?

Consider yourself warned.  (Cue dramatic chipmunk)

For the rest of you who have ample TV time and are sick of my rambling, dramatic chipmunk ways, you’re right. Let me cut to the chase – go logon to Netflix and stream Damages from your nearest internet connection RIGHT NOW.

Why? Well, I’m glad you ask.

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Buster’s Big B-day Treats and other Updates

22 Jul

Buster just hit the big 3 year old mark. I’m hoping that means he’s successfully left the terrible twos behind him. By terrible I mean his snarlin’, growlin’, attackin’ ways. And although he’s gone through phases in his young life when I thought he’d never be cured of such ways (like two weeks ago when he destroyed our door frame), last weekend we received a very tangible glimmer of hope in an unexpected package.

Saturday, we took our second trip to the dog park. And this time Buster went in with our dog trainer’s recommended hardware, a choke collar. My stomach dropped a little when I saw the menacing metal prongs. It dropped about 10 feet lower when I heard Buster’s surprised cry the first time he was corrected.

A little scary, huh?

But when I saw his vastly improved behavior (and with us, not our trainer holding the leash), I was simply amazed. A-mazed! He was great in the dog park. Only one growl situation. I’ll take that in a dog filled environment any day. Really. Since then, he has not had a freak out moment and we’ve seen several other dogs on our daily walks. The choke chain is an amazing training tool! He is starting to respect us more, and we are starting to feel more confident about taking him anywhere no matter the canine population.

Ok, let’s get back to the birthday treats. Although we’re in the training phase when we’re not supposed to give excessive affection or attention, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make my little furball some homemade treats. I went for a sweet potato treat recipe out of Barbara Burg’s cookbook The Good Treats Cookbook for Dogs (p 101). Through various granola bar thefts, we’ve deduced that Buster has a sweet tooth, so this seemed like the perfect choice. Plus, it didn’t have any excessive or strange ingredients.  So if you are looking for a simple, natural and sweet dog treat recipe, read on!

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The Coasts : An Exclusive Look

15 Jul

For all of you who have been breathlessly waiting to see if I was going to stick to my “Blog at least once a week” resolution, you can let out a big sigh of relief.

[Insert big sigh here]

Now that that’s out of the way (and I’ve totally gained your trust by keeping my promise for one week running), let’s get down to business.

Remember when I mentioned Ike was recording an album? (See this awesome post for the behind the scenes account.) Well, even if you don’t, the good news is he is just about finished. And I think, in an unabashedly biased fashion, that his stuff is not only worth checking out, but also REALLY GOOD.  Well, if you can hear and you like good music that is.

Let me break this down for you. I’m trying to give you the gift of the cutting edge here, people. Share the goods on a cool new band before it is sold out and overplayed. I’m giving you the golden opportunity to be able to say, “Yeah, I was totally The Coasts’ first fan, you know, before they started selling out arenas etc.” That is a precious gift, my friends. You don’t have to thank me.

[Insert gratuitous, but sill appreciated ‘Thanks!’]

Here’s how you can keep up with his band, The Coasts, as they countdown to their first album release on August 1stish. I’ll keep you updated on all the developments because again, I’m totally and completely biased and I don’t care who knows it.

Avenue#1: Like them on FB.

Why? It’s not hard AND everyone will think you are cool when they see ‘The Coasts’ on your feed. Believe me.

Avenue #2: Follow them on the Twitter

Again, this takes just one click of a button, if you lack the finger strength I can teach you some great finger strengthening techniques.*Plus, when you follow The Coasts, you will never fail to have a smile on your face when you see their understatedly clever Tweets.

*that is a lie

And I saved the best for last….

Avenue #3:  Check out their first two songs for free on their band camp site

If you aren’t addicted to their melodious grooves 5 seconds in, you might not have ears.

Bonus points for sharing your fave! Just let me know, and your points will arrive in 6-8 business days.*

*this is a lie

Well, folks, I think I’ve spread enough happy news today, but I’ve got one more announcement.

[Insert drumroll here]


Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see ya next week!

2011 Resolutions: July Reality Check

6 Jul

After my middling-to-poor June blogging performance, I feel like I should add “Blog regularly” to my resolutions. But that’s against resolution rules, right? To add a resolution to a list midyear? Ok, that sounds a little excuse-laden to me, too.  So I hereby add “Blog at least once a week” to my list. I really enjoy blogging, and I don’t want to let it die just yet. I’ll let you know when I post, if you keep coming back for more. Deal?

Read on to see how June treated my resolutions, or if I want to own my behavior, how I treated my resolutions in June.

Some of these aren’t pretty people. But I’m sharing because we’re close and you deserve full (ish) disclosure. Enjoy your Wednesday!

This is how a slacker blogger feels! I'll try harder, I promise.

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