2011 Resolutions: July Reality Check

6 Jul

After my middling-to-poor June blogging performance, I feel like I should add “Blog regularly” to my resolutions. But that’s against resolution rules, right? To add a resolution to a list midyear? Ok, that sounds a little excuse-laden to me, too.  So I hereby add “Blog at least once a week” to my list. I really enjoy blogging, and I don’t want to let it die just yet. I’ll let you know when I post, if you keep coming back for more. Deal?

Read on to see how June treated my resolutions, or if I want to own my behavior, how I treated my resolutions in June.

Some of these aren’t pretty people. But I’m sharing because we’re close and you deserve full (ish) disclosure. Enjoy your Wednesday!

This is how a slacker blogger feels! I'll try harder, I promise.

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Completed (!) Goals

Find a way to generate income while doing work I love:

DONE! Here’s my “I got a writing job at Dillard’s” announcement. This is my 6th week at Dillard’s. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable in the work, and I really like the writing team. Finally, I must say, I feel great getting PAID to WRITE. It is a dream come true.

Forward Progress Report:

Continue my daily disciplines:

I’m still doing well on working out. I manage to fit in 4 or 5 workouts a week. I’ve finished Ripped in 30 (!) and I’m going through it a second time with heavier weights. I also throw in a couple runs a week for variety. So, that is going better than expected.

Continue saving for a house down payment:

A house we like. Thoughts?

We finally started saving again (raise the roof, do the sprinkler, pop a handstand)! I can barely believe it, but I think my dream of owning a home may become a reality this year. I have my fingers crossed that it will actually happen around Thanksgiving. I will, of course, keep you updated as the search becomes more serious.

Slow Progress Report:

I know, I know. Slow Progress is the largest category this month. (Holds out wrist for light slap)

Teach Buster a new trick:

Destructo Buster strikes again.

Buster learned an anti-trick today. This is what Ike and I came back to this afternoon. What a little angel. * We haven’t had training in a couple weeks, and we have yet to get close enough to a dog’s owner to initiate a greeting. So we really need to build up our Buster momentum again, he’s slipping, and so is (honesty alert) our patience with him.

*Opposite day word choice

Read at least 1 novel per month:

I’m lagging on this goal, too.  I’m still working on a great Cormac McCarthy novel right now. I like it, it is extremely well written, but every time I open it in bed, I fall asleep in 5 minutes. I wish that were an exaggeration. So with my new writing job, my extracurricular reading suffers. Ironic, no?

Keep in touch with my college pals:

If you missed it, here’s the recap of my girls’ weekend. Now I’m working on beating the phone tag/unanswered message lull that comes after a great reunion. I’m doing OK, but I need keep that goal fresh on my mind.

Do some cheap fun house (ok apartment) décor projects, learn a song on the guitar & try out foods that I have put on the “gross” list:

My progress stagnated on these goals this month. I think I could do more on each before 2012 knocks on my door.

For the guitar project, working sure does take up a lot of time. Imagine that. But if I really want this to be a goal, I know I need to work on it. I’d love to be able to play an instrument.

For the house projects, I still want to make a collage in the study. Keep me honest people!

For the food project, I want to try a universally acknowledged “good” watermelon. I want to give it one more chance before it stays on the “Gross List” (blog idea!) FOR-EV-ER.

Close to completion, but not quite

Find a church home in Little Rock:

I’d say we’ve basically picked a church, but we still haven’t made it official. We are really enjoying getting involved and getting to know people. Ike and I have a great small group, and he has found a way to use his video skills, and I’m part of a ladies Bible study. We’re also involved in a marriage class, and we hope to help out with VBS this summer. I don’t know what we’d do or who we’d hang out with if we hadn’t found such a great group of people.

Resolutions that haven’t left the idealist page yet.

None! Oh yeah.

See you soon (at the latest, next week, according to my new shiny blog-a-week resolution).

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