Warning: Dangerously Addicting TV

29 Jul

I just want to reinforce the title’s warning. Only read on if you have time sit through back-to-back episodes of physiologically thrilling entertainment.

You still with me?

Consider yourself warned.  (Cue dramatic chipmunk)

For the rest of you who have ample TV time and are sick of my rambling, dramatic chipmunk ways, you’re right. Let me cut to the chase – go logon to Netflix and stream Damages from your nearest internet connection RIGHT NOW.

Why? Well, I’m glad you ask.

Great Characters

Don’t get me wrong, by great characters I in no way mean “people who deserve random act of kindness awards.” No, by great characters, I’m talking about deeply flawed people, with dark sides balanced with the faintest glimmer of good. Characters that make you root for them even though they may be 75% evil. In short, characters who are interesting. And Damages is full of them, especially Patty Hewes, played by Glen Close. Close’s character is a tough, manipulative, highly-intelligent public crusader who uses the people around her in all sorts of mind games. I like.

Great Mystery

I love the mystery genre. Books with a great mystery keep me turning late into the night, like Tana French’s In the Woods, check it out. * I love that thrill. Damages presents a doozey of a case in the first episode, and I can’t stop wanting to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.** That, my friends, is a sign of a great mystery. And it’s the key component that keeps Ike and I sighing as we quickly shift from the closing credits of one episode to the opening of the next. I won’t give you any other spoilers other than this – it is intense, you should totally watch it. And MURDER. There, that’s all I’ve got.

*This recommendation is free!

**Sorry for the all caps, I still haven’t quite finished season 1 and I’m still dying to figure out the above questions.

Great Network

This is the most recent in a string of FX shows that the Peters fam have taken to. I will warn you that the network does allow some PG-13 “adult content” fly every once in a while. But overall, that stuff and pervasive language does not impede the purpose of their shows. Which is entertainment. Hello. Like AMC, they are starting to be a network that I look to for my favorite shows; shows that are better than a lot of movies these days.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you are not melting in the hot July weather. I’ve heard of this thing called fall, and I’m pretty sure it is coming up soon. Let’s hope so. Until next time!

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