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Eureka Springs: Food, Fun and a 7-Story Statue of Jesus

19 Aug

This past weekend Ike and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

*waits for applause to die down*

8.16.08 - Cute, huh?

Ahem. We made reservations at a quaint Bed and Breakfast in quirky, nay off-beat Eureka Springs and spent two short nights in that extremely relaxing environment. I have pictures of humming birds to prove it, people. It doesn’t get more peaceful than watching small woodland creatures. And although I don’t want this to be a food blog (see my post last week on Memphis and its multitude of food), BUT I have to say that our meals were definitely the high point of the excursion. Don’t worry I’ll dish on the place, the food and the activities below. You can click continue reading now.

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Eating Memphis

12 Aug

Last weekend, Ike and I went to Memphis for the weekend and ate. The end.

Ok, we did spend some time with friends and I may have done a little shopping, but we really did mostly eat, and eat and eat. After all that good food (and pain), it’d be a shame not share the places we discovered. For all of my LR pals, Memphis is a short 2.5 hours away, ideal for a weekend escape. You deserve it. Get out there. But wherever you live, I hope you enjoy the selections below, and by all means enjoy your weekend!

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August Updates

5 Aug

Hey! For those who keep up with the blog (all of you right? *lowers glasses down nose*) you know that this would normally be the post when I’d share all the “progress” I’d made on my resolutions. Instead of boring you with the book I finished (Blood Meridian, skip it if you like plots/characterization), admitting I still don’t like watermelon (ew), sharing that I’m dying for a house (duh) and lamenting I haven’t touched a guitar all month (sigh), I’m going to tell you a story of triumph.

Everyone comfy on their carpet squares? It is story time!

[Insert enthusiastic fist pumps and cries of “yeah!” from the crowd.]

I alluded to this triumphant happening earlier this month, but this week it finally went down. Ike released his first full-length album with his band The Coasts on Monday. And although I think you should listen to it and love it (you totally would if you did), that’s not really the point of this story. The point is that he finally accomplished a dream that he’s had for years. And that, my friends, is inspirational.

Their bandcamp again, sorry, I just can't help myself.

At least it has inspired me. You know the secret? It’s so simple it hurts. Take action. Plan, yes. Dream, yes. But then get out there and pursue that illusive [fill in the blank]. Unless you goal is to rob a bank in every state, that is. I just can’t quite support that. Bottom line, Ike has inspired me to push beyond the compliancy of just existing. I want to live and grow, not just be.

But yeah, I’m mostly PROUD.

So before you go, here are a few other places The Coasts have been blogged. You’re welcome; I know you’ve been looking for a single place to find all of these. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! You better believe I’ll be back soon.