Eating Memphis

12 Aug

Last weekend, Ike and I went to Memphis for the weekend and ate. The end.

Ok, we did spend some time with friends and I may have done a little shopping, but we really did mostly eat, and eat and eat. After all that good food (and pain), it’d be a shame not share the places we discovered. For all of my LR pals, Memphis is a short 2.5 hours away, ideal for a weekend escape. You deserve it. Get out there. But wherever you live, I hope you enjoy the selections below, and by all means enjoy your weekend!

All the places we indulged in get a grade A. But they get progressively better as they go along. In other words, I saved the best for last, so I guess you better just keep reading.

Las Delicias


Mexican is usually my favorite food genre. I can’t get enough of chips and salsa or sizzling fajitas. Las Delicias did not disappoint. They offered cheap, authentic and (most importantly) tasty food. But my taste buds must have been spoiled by Houston-Mex, because something just wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was the corn tortillas or the lack of chicken fajitas on the menu or the fact that we had 15 people in the group and it took a while to get our food, but it didn’t all add up to me. Would I go again? Yes. But if I could only pick one place, I think I’d pick another lower on the list. Are you intrigued? I thought so.

Kooky Canuk


I’ll admit that I was too stuffed by the time we got to Kooky Canuk to really appreciate their offerings. Although I was in no way tempted by the “Kookamonga” Challenge (eating a walloping 4 lb hamburger in 1 hour), their dessert spread was pretty sweet. I shared an ideal-for-Alexis Kooky Cookie or in other words, a scoop of ice cream over a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Can you say match made in heaven? Another couple at our table ordered the “Mini-Avalanche” which ended up being a towering 9 scoops of ice cream with Oreo, Rice Crispy Treats, strawberries and more mixed in. Needless to say, I was a little jealous. But, I’d hate to see what the “Birthday Avalanche, the Mount Everest of desserts” looks like. Brain-freeze for sure.

The Bar-B-Q Shop

Bar-B-Q Pasta!

I haven’t eaten at all the Memphis BBQ joints, but I have to believe that the Bar-B-Q Shop would give them all a run for their money. Ike and I took a walk on the wild side and ordered a combination plate that included pulled pork and BBQ spaghetti. Yes, that’s right. And it tastes exactly how you imagine. Our server warned us it was a “love it” or “hate it” kind of dish. I gotta say I gave it some love. Everyone else at the table also seemed to enjoy their assortment of beans, slaw, ribs, fries and sandwiches – if empty plates and dirty napkins is any indication.


The Best!

And for those of you who know my sweet tooth, it probably isn’t surprising that I put a bakery on the top of my list. The whimsical names (Prozac for chocolate, Frankly Scarlett for red velvet), the decadent flavors balanced by a fluffy feel, and the delish coffee all get solid A++ from me. I have no complaints other than those cupcakes are in Memphis and I’m here (sad) in LR.

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy the weekend. If nothing else, relax and eat some good food.

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