Moving up in the World*

12 Oct

*Literally. One (shaky) step at a time.

If you would have come up to me a year ago and said, “Hey, you’re going to buy shoes and only shoes for your 26th b-day.” I would have thought you were crazy (especially if you are one of my non-mom readers and I don’t know you). Yet, I blog before you today to tell you that crazy prophesy actually came true.  And on top of that, my new shoes aren’t just more cutesy flats to add to my cutesy flats collection. But serious shoes! Like, 2 pairs of pumps and 1 pair of boots kind of serious. So how did I progress from my flats loving ways to new 4” heels?

I blame my delightful new job. I focus on shoe writing at Dillard’s. After several months, I felt the need to elevate the style of my feet with a wider (read: taller) selection of shoes. No longer could I use Ike and our identical heights as an excuse to stick to flat footwear. I needed to rise above and gain a more rounded of knowledge of the world of shoes first hand. Dramatic, no?

Armed with generous amounts of birthday money (thanks parents and Grandma Jean!) my co-worker (aka my shoe mentor) and I hit Dillard’s one fateful Tuesday night. And now, after my birthday festivities, I’ve worn all three pairs in public and I’m ready to share the experience.

I used Kiwi suede protector on my new shoes. So far, so good. Adorable dog has nothing to do with the spray or the post.

I’ll start with the most “neutral” selection:

Gianni Bini Monica Pumps

Gianni Bini Monica Pumps: neutral with a twist

Just FYI, as a long time flat wearer I still kind of feel like I’m walking on stilts when I wear pumps. But slowly and surely, I’ve gotten my walking pace up from sloth to slow-to-average person. So, I’ll leave all that out of my general assessment.


PROS: As far as the Monica pumps go, I’d say they are a good choice for a beginning heel wearer. The wide elastic strap keeps the shoe from slipping. Plus, the platform under the toe makes the 4” heel feel at least an inch or so shorter.

CONS: The heel is narrow, so you will get less support than you would with stacked, chunky or wedge heel. In the fury of buying that night, I only tried on one size. In retrospect, I think I would have gone a half size smaller. So, I blame myself while I stick a Kleenex in each toe.

I paired the girls with a straight skirt for their first spin. I see little black dresses and even skinny fit pants in their future.


Mary Jane inspired is always a safe bet. The width and material of the strap makes it a little edgier than a delicate, adjustable one.  Vince Camuto has several similar styles for quite a bit more. Plus, suede makes them perfect for fall. And black makes them easy to style with EVERYTHING.

Next: GB Gianni Bini “Big Wig” Pumps in Prussian Red

GB Gianni Bini Big Wig pumps: fabulous fall color


PROS: The heel is stacked, so I can tell a big difference in stability as compared to spike heels. These shoes also have a platform, so again the heel height is neutralized to some degree.

CONS: I bought the wrong size on this one, too. I first wore them to the movies, and had to wear Ike’s loafers to the bathroom because I was too nervous to walk across the darkened and crowed room.  But I bought heel inserts and I can now step with a lot more confidence. Still after a day at work, my feet were dying to get them off. I blame that partly on the shoe and mostly on my pump inexperience.

A new look for me this season: a dress and leggings. I’m a little late, I know. The scarf – a last minute addition – brought the look together with happy color.


Again, suede is perfect for fall and winter. But the gorgeous deep red is what attracted me to this shoe. I think I can style them with black, brown and even deep olives, purples or blues.  In other words, they will add fun fall/winter color to nearly anything.

And last and FAVORITE:  Fossil Felicia Boots

Fossil Felicia boots: vintage charm


As these are just measly mid-heel boots, they don’t affect the rate of my steps at all. In fact, I have no complaints as far as comfort goes.

These boots were made for me...and walking.


There are so many boots out there. I would know. I see 20 – 50 pairs a day. The big styles this year seem to be the riding, Victorian and Western inspired. My selection is really none of the above. I just thought the rust shade was versatile and the weaving detail on the side was an interesting touch to set them apart. So far I’ve worn them with dresses. As winter chill sets in, I’ll layer on leggings or skinny fit pants. But as of right now, I see myself wearing these at least once a week until next Spring. And then repeating for next year. So I’d say that was a good purchase.

That is more than enough for now! But stay tuned; I have a big Peters’ family announcement for next week! Until then:)

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  1. Jean Cobb October 13, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    I love reading your writings,you have an interesting way of putting things,glad i could help you in you in your new adventures.

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