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Sweet Morsels

18 Nov

I can’t believe this is my first post this month. Even more shocking, Thanksgiving is one measly week away. My excuse for November blog silence? A slightly more intense rhythm of life. So, I decided to take this quiet moment to reflect. Be thankful. Take a breath. Clear my mind of relentless grown-up tasks like registering cars or re-upping the lease. You know, the kind of little things that suddenly add up to a tangled, gnawing, towering pile of THINGS TO DO. I’ll put that pile on hold for the moment and focus on the infinitely larger and more meaningful pile of THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR. The longer I sift through the THANKFUL pile, the less intimidating the other one becomes. Don’t misquote me. I’m all for being responsible. But I don’t think responsibility should take precedence over the real stuff. Those sweet morsels of life that make it really worth living. And if I take just a moment of quiet to think about it, I’ve got more sweet morsels that I could ever hope to deserve.

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