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Eating Memphis. Again.

27 Jan

That’s right. Last weekend Ike and I visited nearby Memphis for another weekend with friends (read: 2 days of relentless eating). Sure, we spent some time at a basketball game and checking out the Peabody ducks, but what I really remember are the laughs we all shared – oh and the mounds of fried chicken. If you live close to Memphis and have taste buds, you should consider a weekend jaunt soon. Read on for the delicious reasons you should plan your trip ASAP.

With friends on the Peabody.

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A Must-Read: The Blog*

20 Jan

*Opinions in this post are wildly — and admittedly — biased. You’ve been warned.

Have you been feeling something missing in your life? A nagging frustration? A lack? A big, sucking black hole? Then may I suggest we do some deep introspection for the next few moments. Think about it. What makes you smile, dazzles you with wit, strikes you dumb with insightful thoughts? Take a deep breath. You may find that your much needed pick-me-up is literally right in front of your face. You’ve got it. A little more blogging from yours truly. Time to let out a collective sigh of relief, because I have wonderous news for you. I share my “dazzling wit” beyond this lovely place. You ready? I blog for a little department store called Dillard’s. *Waits for cheering to die down* So if you feel the urge, nay the need, for more Alexis time please check out the blog. I’m not sure what you’ve heard, but the shoe posts are OUT OF THIS WORLD. You should probably open each one several times. No reason, we’re not counting or anything.

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Spice it Up: The Search for the Perfect Salsa, Part I

13 Jan

In addition to my other worthy goals, this year I have resolved to find the best homemade salsa recipe ever. I don’t think I risk cheapening terms of adoration when I boldly declare “I love salsa.” I mean, I’m talking I’ll-eat-it-on-its-own – no chips, no nothing – kind of affection. That’s love, right? Last week, my kind work neighbor heard my salsa aspirations (at that time, it was all talk and no action), and the next day he brought me The Great Salsa Book by Mark Miller to borrow. So out of desire and a pinch of guilt, I added all the ingredients to “Salsa Mexicana” (p. 8) to my grocery list. Read on for the A+ review (as in the search may be over) and the super flavorful, fresh and festive recipe.

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Resolving in 2012

6 Jan

Hey! I know, I know. It’s been far too long. The previous post is mocking me with its month old date and now irrelevant (dare I say tacky) Christmas title. I’m going to remedy my long silence with a quick retrospective on my successful and failed resolutions from last year and a dramatic (read: probably average) reveal of my 2012 resolutions.

"Read on!" Buster exclaimed.

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