Shopping Adventure: Jason Wu (hoo!!) at Target

10 Feb

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed my Super Bowl Sunday. I made Pioneer Woman potato skins, went to a party, ate an inordinate amount of food and laughed at M&Ms dancing. Fun? Check. Annual stomach ache? Check.

But the most interesting/exciting/out-of-ordinary part of my day happened bright and early that morning. I found myself, with 10 other eager shoppers, lined up in front of my local Target. I can hear your question: “What were all you crazy people doing there at 7:50 a.m. on a Sunday morning?”


First, let me pause here for dramatic effect.


We were waiting to be the first to try on Jason Wu’s line for Target!

This spring-ready collection channels the ladylike polish of his — ahem — slightly more expensive brand, Jason Wu. Check him out! He’s dressed Michelle Obama and Michelle Williams, two solid Michelles if you ask me.

Pretty dress, huh?

I’m new to the whole fashion world (as in actually following “fancy” designers), and my work pal thought I’d like Wu’s classically feminine style. She was right! And just after I fell in love with his work, I learned about this excited opportunity to shop his clothes at a store I can afford. Score and score.

A fun pre-fall look. Digging the blue and green.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience that morning. The other ladies were friendly, only one of them ran to the racks and no one staged a spontaneous tug-of-war in the dressing room. It was all very civilized. Sure, one girl stayed in a hotel for the event, and several others had woken up at 4 to shop the clothes online, but all-in-all everyone seemed excited and ready for the experience.

So when the doors finally opened, I, with the rest of the gaggle, went up to the 3 racks of designer-for-the-masses clothes. In a frenzied state, I just decided to take one of each thing in my size. After I sifted through the armful 6 items at a time, I came away with these 3 beauties. Happy early V-day/Spring wardrobe update to me!

Blouse 1:

Sorry, the idea to lay out the clothes was much cooler in my head. Anyway, this sheer, light pink button-up will complement my new fave pleated skirt.

Blouse 2:

I plan to balance this girly floral-print top with my motorcycle-inspired pants. So Lisbeth Salander without all the deeply-rooted emotional problems, and without head-to-toe black. Ok, it might not be like her at all. Whatever.

Dress 1:

I’m going to wear this comfy knit at work, church and just bopping around. Deal with it.

And that, my friends, is it for today. I had an adventure, and I just thought I’d share it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back soon!

One Response to “Shopping Adventure: Jason Wu (hoo!!) at Target”

  1. esp September 6, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    I love Pioneer Woman! Oh, and those outfits are cute, too. 😉

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