2012: 3 (Totally Awesome) Things I’ve Learned This Year

7 Dec

2012 has been a weird year. We got in a car crash, Ike lost his job (and found another, thankfully), and (to end on another high note), we are finally, finally house hunting. As the year winds down, I want to take a minute to focus on what I’ve learned.

Like all great speeches/sermons/marketing blog posts, I came up with 3 astounding points that start with the same letter. You’re welcome! Feel free to make flash cards on Alexis’ 3 Ps.

1. Plans are impossible

On February 16th, fate crossed the centerline and hit us head on. By fate, I mean a guy and his black camaro. I spent scary/long month in the hospital, and had 2 major surgeries (woo hoo!)

I had no idea what was in store for me, and I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I don’t say this in a morbid way, but in a I-can’t-control-things-so-I-better-not-worry sort of way.

Does this mean I still don’t try to plan things months/years in advance? Nope, the planner in me dies hard. But I’ve learned (little by little) to not be so let down if things don’t work out. I can make an outline, but I know that it isn’t the ONLY way for me to be happy. And with that realization, as if waving a dragon-heartstring wand, I am happier.

2. People are important

It’s not like I didn’t know this, I promise. But somehow, I think I had forgotten (and still do) how wonderful other people can be. Confession: I can get easily annoyed by people’s quirks — close talking, shifty eyes, clammy hands — and substitute those tiny facets for their whole substance.

But every day while I was in the hospital, I was surprised and comforted by a kind word, gift or time given to me. I have learned to try to give people the benefit of the doubt, to loosen up on harsh judgments and to stop being too quick to create distance.

3. Priorities have changed (sorry couldn’t think of a final “i” word)


I’ve been struggling with this one lately. There have been some changes at work, and those changes have consumed a lot of my thoughts for the last couple months. But I need to step back, take a breath and be thankful. Thankful to walk around without hurting anymore, to feel like myself, to even have a chance to be myself again.

Heavy, I know. But I need to remember what’s important. In the end, even what I do for 40 hours a week is far less important than eternity or on a smaller scale, what good I can do here. So I am focusing on what I can be thankful for and what I can do for others instead of being fixated on the couple details I’d change in my day-to-day life.

Ok, lesson over. Hope you took notes, there’ll be a pop quiz next week. (Not! Gotcha!) Actually, stay tuned for updates on The Coasts! Exciting things are happening, my friends.

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