5 Reasons to Watch TV in 2013

11 Jan

As much as I enjoy reading, writing and conversing about the latest cultural news, I (admittedly) also love to turn my brain on a lower setting and just enjoy some good ol’ TV. Not just any TV, though. I try to only waste brain space for especially riveting or especially hilarious programming.

Here is my list of the 5 shows that may be worth not talking to your family during dinner for. By the way, I did my best to be as general as possible so NO SPOILERS.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

From the very first episode on, I’ve wondered “How far will Walt go?” After 4.5 seasons, I still don’t know. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you should. Don’t worry, the show doesn’t glorify meth cooking or melting people with chemicals, it demonstrates time and again that actions have consequences.



So what if Ike has dubbed Michelle (the charming lead character) Lorelai 2.0? I feel like Bunheads has filled the void that the charming Gilmore Girls left in my entertainment schedule. It captures the same small-town-full-of-quirky-people feel that GG did so well. I’m excited to see what happens next, and I prefer to call Michelle “the animated Lorelai who can also dance” aka totally different.



If you are behind in your crying schedule, please immediately start watching Parenthood until your tear ducts are cleansed. I will admit that I HATED the first few episodes. I thought it was overly dramatic and full of amoral people. It may still be that, but these are now MY overly dramatic, amoral friends. So watch it and just TRY not to fall in love with the Bravermans.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abby

I need my fix of English accents and will they/won’t they relationships stat. What this mesmerizing drama lacks in explosions, it makes up for in dramatic twists and turns. For a “talking show” (as my dad calls all period dramas), this one keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Arrested Development?/Community

Arrested Development

WHAT? Did I read that correctly? The long-standing rumor may just come true: Arrested Development is set to return this spring on Netflix. This wacky, silly and always laugh-out-loud show will (hopefully) release 12-15 episodes. And to tide me over on dramatic, over-the-top humor, I may just have to stay up to date on Community.

These suggestions will waste more than enough of your time. I even had to leave some interesting prospects (The Americans) and returning faves (Game of Thrones, despite the pervasive nakedness) off the list. I’ll leave that up to you to decide, it’s your brain to rot!

Have a good one! See ya next week.

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