Alexis Peters, Homeowner

18 Jan

That’s right! The big announcement you’ve all been waiting for: WE FINALLY BOUGHT A HOUSE! And yes, I want you all to address me as “Alexis, Awesome Homeowner”

We had to drive through HAIL (wink, wink) on Tuesday to get to the closing, but close we did, and we are now official property-owning grown-ups. Gotta say, it feels good.

It will feel even better to leave apartment living behind us on the 27th when we finally move in! I’ll keep you up to date on how filling our home up with pretty stuff goes, but for now I’ll share a few of the pictures from the listing.

The Front! This the outside. It is even prettier and quaint-er in real life. Don’t believe me? Come visit!

Kitchen! I’m super excited about having a non-galley kitchen! I have grand dreams of putting in granite counter tops, updating the floors and opening up the wall between the kitchen and the living room. But our first kitchen improvement is buying a refrigerator. I guess if I’m excited about that there’s no denying I’ve crossed the great divide into adulthood.

Dining Room! I think it will be nice to have a formal dining room. I already hope to host Thanksgiving 2013 in that very space. Probably need to buy a table first…

Living Room! I love that the WHOLE HOUSE has hardwood floors! But I think we’ll need to find a rug for the living room. And some sort of sectional. Wow, seems like I’ll switch straight from saving for a down payment to buying house stuff.

Music Room!

Plan on changing current “hunting room” to Ike’s music room. I’m sort of worried that I will never see him again after we move in.

Double Sinks!

I cannot wait to not share a sink with Ike. Between you and me, he always hogs the mirror.


And finally, we keep telling Buster he’s getting a yard, but I don’t think the realization has really sunk in yet. He’s going to love playing fetch out there, and I’m going to enjoy that deck! Ike will finally have the space to develop his grilling skills.

How it feels to FINALLY be homeowners!

That is it! Have a wonderful weekend! That’s an order.

7 Responses to “Alexis Peters, Homeowner”

  1. Sharon Wisely January 18, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    I’m so excited for you guys! The house is lovely. And I’m so very happy for Buster. 😉

  2. Grandma Jean January 18, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    Love it,i’m so glad for you and Ike.Happy living,when are you moving in ?

  3. KK January 18, 2013 at 5:38 pm #


  4. Rachel Boling January 19, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    From your new home…hello from the Bolings. We are excited about you guys moving into the house & this GREAT neighborhood! You received your 1st piece of mail at your new house. I walked it down and put it in Ike’s sister’s mailbox. We think you guys are such a cute couple and know you will love the house, neighborhood, and neighbors. Buster is so cute! We have Palmer a Norwich terrier that is tan colored and looks a lot like Buster. We are leaving you a dog door you can install if you want in the back door leading to the deck for him. We had it installed in our old backdoor and don’t need it in our new house. I gave Ike’s sister our my contact info should you have any questions re: the house or want to come by this week while we are packing to measure anything.

    • Alexis January 22, 2013 at 2:59 am #

      Hey Bolings! We are so excited about our new house, the neighborhood and the neighbors. Thanks for being so sweet and welcoming. We’ll see if Buster can handle the freedom of a doggy door, that should be interesting;) Palmer sounds adorable, too. Does he like other dogs?
      Thanks for your contact info, I will definitely let you know if we have any questions. I can’t believe that we’ve only been to the house once, we can’t wait to see it again! But it might not be until Sunday, we’ve got lot’s of packing to do.

      • Rachel January 24, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

        Alexis- Palmer likes people 🙂 and some dogs. There is a beautiful black full size Schnauzer that is the grand dog of our uphill neighbors and visits a lot in the summer when they are all swimming in the pool. It is so funny and mysterious to us–Palmer HATES that dog and goes crazy barking and jumping at the connecting fence and sounds like he is going to eat that big dog when they have met face to face out front. Then there are other dogs he likes. He is also crazy for all the squirrels, chipmunks, a few neighborhood cats that roam through the yard, and mostly the rabbits in the neighborhood. Like buster he barks at the mail man, fed ex and ups delivery people, the school bus, the kids that walk to the bus stop past our house everyday…guess he is just a terrier (terrorist :).

        I can’t believe you have only been here 1X. I know you will love the house as much as we have loved it. I’m typing up a list of random house facts…service people we have used, termite & pest service, and other neighborhood info that you might find helpful. The screens for all the windows are in the attic if you want to reinstall them (we removed them in December when we cleaned all windows) before putting house on the market. Also, extra paint to patch existing paint colors should you need to do that will be stacked in the corner of the shelving in the garage. The water regulator for the sprinkler system will also be by the paint in the garage to reinstall once it warms up this spring. Ok…I will stop typing here and leave you a complete list of random things here at the house.

        Also, I love what you want to do to the Kitchen… It is exactly what I’ve wanted to do and would have done had we stayed here longer. We will be selling the bound neutral rug in our den/living room should you be interested in it. My best friend may want it but let me know if you are at all interested. Also, selling rug in dining room. No pressure either way.

        Our downhill next door neighbors are wonderful but will be selling their house and moving this spring (it’s a good house-a 3 bedroom, 2 bath plus a separate office if you want to pick your new neighbors and have friends looking). We are crazy packing too. Movers come today to get a few random items and then come Friday to move our big stuff to storage. Our new house won’t be ready until March 1 most likely as the people we are buying from are building and their new house is not quite ready. We are going to live with my parents just down Hinson for 1 month. We will move remaining items Saturday and then will be cleaning the house. I will let you know if we get done early Saturday…which is my goal so you guys can start
        to move Saturday if you want and we are all out.

        Best wishes to you on your move and making this your new home,
        Rachel & Kent

      • Alexis January 25, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

        Yes, it does seem like terrier and terrorist have similar spellings for a reason. I’m sure we’ll have to watch Buster around the fence. He may very well try to establish a reign of terror out there. But hopefully we can distract him with a good game of fetch!

        Thanks so much for collecting house facts! Recommendations like that are priceless. And I’m glad you like what we are planning for the kitchen! I don’t want to mess with the feel of the house, just update it a bit. I love cooking, so I’ll probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. One of the things I loved during our showing was how the living room is so close to the kitchen. It should be a natural update to open up the flow a little.

        I guess you had no idea the house would sell so quickly! But after looking for a few months, we knew that we had found exactly what we were looking for. So we acted fast. I hope a month with your parents will be fun. Then on to your new house!

        We would love to start moving in on Saturday. Maybe get some stuff we weren’t planning on putting in the truck moved over. But no pressure, just let us know when you are ready.

        Also, we may be interested in the rug. Maybe you could email us a price? I think Ike emailed you this morning.

        So excited for this weekend!! Doesn’t seem real yet, but we are actually home owners!!:)

        Thanks again for being wonderful in this transition!

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