Swimsuit Hunt

8 Mar

It is human nature to want what we don’t have. (Pretty deep opening line for a swimsuit post, huh?) Lately, I‘ve wanted it to be spring. I even tried boots, no tights on Tuesday. If that’s not wanting spring, I don’t know what is.


I like the color combo on this collection. AND I’m pretty sure you don’t have to have a strange expression when wearing it.

For the most part, I got my wish. This week has been filled with clear skies and plenty of sun. Ok, there was also a healthy dose of chilly wind, but who’s counting.

All this weather talk (sorry) leads to my spring shopping mission: find a swimsuit.

Right now I have retro swimdress from Target. I love the style, but I’m not comfortable with the…lack of coverage (I’ve had a few indecent exposure close calls). And with the whole having to strip down to go to the bathroom issue, one-pieces are out.


Love the color and the flattering shirring on this one.

And with my wonderful 8” scar and (ok, ok) my age, bikinis are also out.

That leaves me with tankinis.

Flattering points to look for:

KCR_Swim top

  • for the “smaller” ladies such as myself, ruffles and embellishments add flattering volume up top

AM_Swim top

  • for the paler (read: ghostly) demographic, look for corals, teals or neons to enhance whatever sunkissed glow you can muster


  • for those of you self-conscience about your…lower back area…check out skirted bottoms, a fun new trend I saw cropping up on Dillards.com
  • for chic sun protection find a floppy hat, shades and flowy caftan for poolside cool

I’ll let you know if I ever pick a lucky suit. Until then I’ll keep hoping this beautiful weather lasts. Have a good week!

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