Drink It In: Why Vampire Dairies is Perfectly Entertaining*

15 Mar

*Yes you read that right.**

** No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled on some teen, fan-fiction, vampire-obsessed blog. You are exactly where you want to be. Believe it.

As cable-less adults, Ike and I have only Netflix and Hulu to rely on for a little after-work TV (poor us, right?). With Hulu, I get my fix of Bunheads and with Netflix we tackle slightly older shows with tons of episodes.

Enter Vampire Diaries. Honestly, the word “Vampire” or “Diary” is enough to turn me off of a show, but VD has taught me not to judge a show too harshly by it’s title (sorry, Carrie Diaries, you’re still out).

Here’s 3 reasons why you should fill your next empty 45 minutes with a little visit to Mystic Falls.

 Mile-a-Minute Fun

Do you hate shows that belabor plotlines, will-they/won’t-they relationships and stupid minor character action? Then stop watching them and start watching this vampire-filled roller coaster. This show resolves fun mysteries at a thrilling pace, no waiting for the finale for cliffhanger thrills here.

 Solid Support Cast

Stefan and Elena, the show’s central lovebirds, are great. But like many of my favorite shows, Vampire Diaries has a rich cast of supporting creatures to share the spotlight. My 2 faves are Damen, Stephan’s narcissistic older brother, and Caroline, Elena’s overachieving friend.

 Escapism at its Best

I love literature. Over Christmas (brag alert) I finished Anna Karenina. But sometimes, I like reading Stephen King novels. I just need some good, page-turning fun in my life. So sure, I like watching hard-hitting documentaries or thought-provoking dramas, but after a long day at work, sometimes I need some mindless yet engaging programming.

Let me know if you check out Vampire Diaries. You won’t be sorry! This is the part when I tell you to have a good weekend. Have a wonderful one!

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