And that’s curtains for me….

5 Apr

I don’t know about you, but when my mom comes to visit I get a lot of fun house projects done. A few weekends ago, she (along with my aunt and Nana), spent a couple nights and POOF! I had curtains in my dining room and kitchen!

Now, I’m missing one, but I’m visiting the rents next weekend, so I have a good feeling my collection will soon be complete.

 The Inspiration

photo (9)

I really liked the idea of having 2 coordinating fabrics, a geometric of some sort and floral, to give my curtains more depth. I wanted the colors coral, green and teal for sure.

 The Plan

I wanted floor to ceiling curtains for the big kitchen window and dining room, and really simple reversible roll-up shades for the smaller kitchen windows.

 The First Purchase

photo (8)

I fell in love with this fabric from Hobby Lobby and went ahead and bought enough for my two smaller kitchen windows. After weeks of searching for coordinating fabric, I started to get depressed. Maybe I bought fabric that coordinates with NOTHING. Like that skirt you buy and you think it goes with one of your shirts, and it doesn’t. And then it just sits in the back of your closet, collecting shame dust.

 The Discovery

photo (5)

That weekend, with my trio of expert shoppers on the case, I once again hit the shopping circuit. We struck gold at Hobby Lobby again! This lovely fabric is so happy and fun. I don’t think I’ll tire of it anytime soon.

 The Results

The dining room:


We decided to take the red geo-print fabric into the dining room for even more continuity. I love the statement it makes right when you walk in the front door. Plus, if all goes well, I can use the coordinating fabric for a runner. Now I just need to find fabric to cover the dining room chairs.

The kitchen:

And here are the big windows. I love the dramatic color it brings to the room. I’m thinking bamboo shades to finish the look.


The first roll up shade! To avoid making holes in my back door, I bought heavy duty velcro to secure it.

photo (7)

Only one window to go! Unfortunately, I was hosting small group that night, so my guests had to leave before the last shade was done. I think I’m going to love it!

Thoughts on the dining room chairs? I’m thinking teal for some reason. Countertops? Would butcher block still look good in here? Bamboo blinds?

Thanks for any thoughts! Enjoy your weekend:)

One Response to “And that’s curtains for me….”

  1. Jean cobb April 5, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    I like all your new curtains and chair back covers,everything looks so nice .love, grandma

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