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Summer Shoes

31 May

My feet (fingers crossed, I know) are part of my body that won’t be growing too much over the next few months. So, when Ike bought some much-needed work clothes a few weeks ago, I used my best puppy-dog face to score a couple new pairs of shoes on our outing for…just because.

Without further ado, here they are:

Pair #1: Flat Espadrilles

photo (12)

Without putting on my shoe-blogger hat too firmly, espadrilles are those summerly classics with a braided detail around the midsole. These days you’ll see them in wedge form most often, but the originals were flats, like mine! You like?

photo (11)

I love just slipping them on with dresses and heading out the door. They have the casual ease of a sneaker with the added fun of summery canvas with a touch of shimmer.

Pair #2: Wedge Sandals

photo (14)

There’s something so feminine about adding a little height to your step. I usually avoid tall shoes A) because Ike and I are the same height and B) because I have basically no practice and feel like I’m on stilts all day. But these mid-height wedges are super comfy and stable, and Ike and I just get over our temporary height difference:)

photo (13)

These are also great with dresses and even cropped pants. I have decided that the light tan goes with everything and that the thin ankle strap is leg-lengthening. In other words, I’ll be wearing these a lot!

Baby Update:

At our appointment on Wednesday, our doctor gave us her best guess on Baby Peters’ gender! We are doing a low-key gender/name reveal on Sunday with our small group from church…which means, I’ll cover that shindig next week!

To tide the 2 or 3 of you who care over until then…here is a belly pic I took after the appointment I’d say I’m late 16/ early 17 weeks here.

photo (17)

Sorry, not too impressive I know. I’m sure I’ll pop soon?

See ya soon!

Skinnytaste: It’s What’s for Dinner

24 May

Real talk: after the nausea-laden, is-my-baby-really-in-there worries of the 1st trimester, I’ve moved on to (selfish?) 2nd trimester woes. I’m stressing about gaining weight. I know that’s part of it. And I’ll be beautiful and blah blah, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for the scale and I to explore uncharted territory (we’re already dangerously close!)


You need to go to there.

It isn’t all purely cosmetic (although, that’s like 90%). The other more noble 10  percent came from my spinal surgeon. I asked him what precautions I should take during pregnancy because of my fusion, and he said he said “just don’t gain a lot of weight.” Well, alright then.

Easier said than done when my little cohabitator seems to want hourly snacks:) So, I need to find a way to eat a lot of HEALTHY food.

Ike and I already eat at home most of the time. For one, it’s usually healthier and two we’re cheap (sorry if you’re our friend, we’re boring I know)! So, when a friend recommended this recipe, I fell in love. Not only with the cheesy, saucy, sausage-y dish, but with the whole concept of Skinnytaste. Because that’s exactly what it is.


Baked Pasta with Sausage & Spinach, aka HEAVENLY.

Here are the tasty, “skinny” recipes we’ve tried so far: I’d recommend all of them!! And be willing to try more. Hope you find a delicious meal there soon, too!

Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots

Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots

Pasta with Asparagus

Pasta with Asparagus

Happppppppy Friday! Think of me when you’re all off on Memorial Day (complaining about working the holiday is officially……..over.)
See ya soon!

$10 Dining Room Renewal

10 May

Ok, this isn’t quite as exciting as the impending birth of our first child…But I feel like the recent re-birth (clever, huh?) of my dining room chairs deserved some blog time.

This easy (although a little time consuming) project was an inexpensive way to update my antique dining room table and chairs.


photo (3)

Here are 10 tips for this 10 dollar project!

Tip #1: Shop Local for Great Deals

photo (2)

First off, for my Arkansas fans (the Legion, I like to call them), I found this dining room set at The Furniture Consignment Place of Conway. I was very impressed by their quality, service and prices! If you are looking for furniture, don’t miss it!

Tip #2: Make Things Easy with a Solid, Small-Print or Graphic-Print Fabric

photo (10)

That way, you don’t have to worry matching big repeats or and thus wasting a lot of fabric. Plus, all that thinking will probably give you a headache.

Tip #3: Measure Your Chairs

photo (5)

This may seem like a no brainer, but go to the fabric store (in my case the awesome Hobby Lobby) prepared. I actually lucked out, although I measured 2 of my chairs to make sure they were the same size, I didn’t notice that the armed chair (or the throne) was a little bigger…. My fabric still worked, but watch out for that!

Tip #4: Trust your Fabric Expert

photo (4)

I’m new to crafty projects. So thankfully all I had to do was let the fabric cutter (is there a better term for this essential role?) know how big my chairs were and she figured out how much fabric I needed. I feel like she ended up giving me about a 2” leeway on each side for each chair. I’m not sure if that is a good rule of thumb, but it worked for me! Like I said, trust your fabric cutter.

Expert Tip: If you do go to HobLob, make sure to download their daily 40% coupon on your smartphone!!

Tip #5: Gather Your Supplies

photo (6)

You’ll need:

  • Chairs with detachable seats

  • Easy-to-work-with fabric

  • Tape measurer

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Screw driver

  • Heavy duty stapler & staples

  • A willing partner


Tip #6: Make the Cut

photo (7)

This was the most nerve-wracking part. To make myself feel better, I removed a couple of the seats to prove to myself that my projected cuts would work. If you do pick an easy-to-work with fabric, you can probably get 2 chairs out of each width. In other words, you can buy less!

Tip#7: Un-Screw It: The Musical

Here’s where we get to the monotony. At this point, find a great album and unscrew all those seats. I’m currently jazzed about the new Vampire Weekend album, so I KNOW that’ll get you through.

Tip#8: Get By with a Little Help from Your Friend

photo (8)

Find a helper who is excited by the power of a heavy-duty stapler and you might find that this project nearly finishes itself (see picture)! Although I bet you could do this by yourself, it is nice to have an extra set of hands to make sure the fabric is as taut and wrinkle free as possible.

Tip #9: Musical, Reprise

Turn up those tunes again, because you have to REmantle all the chairs you dismantled. I’ll admit this was a several-day process at the Peters’ home. So I was startled several times by the burglar-inspired disarray in my dining room.

Tip #10: Sit Back and Enjoy

photo (9)

I really love how it all came together!

Class dismissed! Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be back soon.

Jillian Michaels Updates Postponed Until 2014

3 May

Sorry to disappoint, folks. But on March 3rd I passed a test that made me think all the hardcore jumping, crunching and lifting Jillian coerces me to do might need to wait…for about 9 months.

If you’re still saying, “WHY ALEXIS?? I need to know about Level 2 of the 90 Day Revolution” then I’ll let this picture share it’s 1000 words.


On an unrelated note…Isn’t Buster cute?

Get it?

We welcome Baby Peters (at 13 weeks, currently the length of a shrimp) on or around November 9th, 2013!

Because I’m already a proud mama, here are baby’s first pictures. I must have missed this day in “Baby Development via Ultrasounds 101,” because Ike and I were shocked at how fully formed our little shrimp was at 13 weeks vs. 7. Prepare to be amazed!

Although just a (cute) blob, we did get to see the heartbeat that day. It was so fun!

Although just a (cute) blob, we did get to see the heartbeat that day. It was so fun!


What a difference a few weeks makes. And I may be biased, but I’m thinking this picture may be among the most adorable taken…ever.

To answer your questions, I’ve been feeling fine! A little queasy here and there. Not too tired. Mostly just emotionally freaking out from time to time. The usual. And I’m not sure if I’m showing, you tell me:)

Week 7

Week 7

Week 12/13ish, could just be my imagination. But I see something...

Week 12/13ish, could just be my imagination. But I see something…

Don’t worry, I won’t inundate you with BABY from here on out. But I might have to share after our appointment on 5/29. Doctor said we will probably find out the gender!