Must-Watch Shows of Late: Undefeated & New Girl

19 Jul

After examining and reexamining our post-baby budget, I’ve decided that the monthly $8.71 that Netflix magics out of our account each month is totally worth it.  Case in point: Undefeated and New Girl.



Ike KNEW he had to watch this documentary when his pal Eric told him something to the effect: “You have to have no soul NOT to be moved by this movie.” He was right. This 2 hour documentary chronicles the final season of volunteer coach Bill Courtney at an inner city high school in North Memphis.

If this were a feature film, it’d basically be the Blind Side (e.g., cheesy, but heartwarming all the same). But, the gritty reality of these kids’ lives and the incessant support of Courtney and his staff is not ONLY heartwarming, but inspiring!

Ike and I take a small part in the mentoring program at Silvercity Church at North Little Rock, and this movie got me pumped for the school year to start again. Even though mentoring is not always easy, I think this movie proves that dedicated time in a kid’s life can make a huge impact and I’m honored to take a part.

New Girl


Ok. This one is not as life-changing as my previous recommendation. BUT I will say, I haven’t laughed as hard or as consistently at a TV show in a long time. With The Office, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec all past their prime or over, I’ve had to struggle through shows that I used to LOL at a lot.

The premise seems familiar or even silly: 3 late-20s/30-something guys let a pretty girl move into their LA loft when she breaks up with her boyfriend. But after the first few episodes (and I did have to work through several to really start enjoying the show), I started falling in love with each of the character’s quirks and their dynamic as a whole.

And if I’m honest, other than the whole single thing, this show is about people my age dealing with “WHAT NOW?”. Which seems to be the theme for life after college (in my experience).

So if you like to laugh and you’re on the brink of a quarter-life crisis, this is probably the show for you.

This is the part where I tell you to have a great weekend, so I won’t disappoint! Have a good one, I’ll be back soon.

photo (9)

Here’s a pic of The Coasts playing Midnight Oil in Searcy! Mixing it all up with a White Stripes cover.

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