Ode to Buster: Thoughts on the coming baby, his 5th birthday and my latest attempt at making homemade treats*

26 Jul

*Maybe it should have been titled Eau de Buster, he is also a smelly little guy.

With D-day quickly approaching (just about 15 weeks to go!) I’m reassessing just about every inch of my life. From what I eat (ugh, eating for two is actually a lot of pressure) to what I watch to, you know, how NOT to screw up a tiny human.

Me at 24 weeks! No more imaginary bump.

Me at 24 weeks! No more imaginary bump.

Buster, our now 5-year-old Cairn terrier, is also on that list. In our half-decade relationship, Buster has been busy hunting flies and teaching Ike and I a healthy dose of patience. Not only has his over-active prey drive caused him to be run over by a moped and a car (and come out miraculously unscathed, btw), but also to basically hate every other dog. Talk about some awkward walks.

In a up-to-this-point unblogged incident, Buster nearly ruined Christmas 2009. Gather ‘round children:

He was staying at my parents house in Houston as we were enjoying Christmas with the Peters in LR. When we were literally less than an hour away from home, my sister called. Buster and my rents’ Boston Terrier had gotten in a fight and my dad reached in…long story short, my Dad lost the tip of his left ring finger. The horror!

After a lot of crying, we decided that we owed it to Buster (who is 99% of the time a great little pal) to give him another chance. He has never intentionally bitten a human, so this was just a case of wrong place, wrong time for my dad’s finger (now lovingly dubbed “nubby”).

But this incident and several snapping (but not biting) incidents with the nieces and nephew, has weighed heavily on my mind as the aforementioned D-day approaches.

Honestly, the cons (smelly, expensive, time-consuming, crate-pooping) of Buster do stack up. And that’s not to mention the big aggression issue.

I keep thinking, I’ll never forgive myself if he bites/maimes another person.

Yet, through it all, I also still can’t bring myself to give him up. I love him and he’s been a pet project (literally, wink wink) for years. He’s a great friend, most of the time, and he’s cute and sweet.

And how do you find a home for such a creature? Free to a good home with NO pets, NO kids and NO sudden movements?

Don’t worry, we’ve decided to give him a trial run, based on a very strict no growling at Baby Elliott policy.

The b-day boy.

The b-day boy.

So this post is an Ode to Buster and what he’s been in my life for the 5 kidless years of my marriage. Thank you for being my constant companion at home, a (usually) great walking partner and eager taste tester for my homemade treats. No offense to Ike, but you are a better couch cuddler.

Wow. I just made myself cry. Pregnancy hormones anyone? I think I’ve got more than enough.

On to the good stuff:

The source! The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs by Donna Twichell Roberts

The source! The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs by Donna Twichell Roberts

To memorialize his 5th year, I tried out a new dog-treat recipe. He seemed to love it. Just combine all ingredients in a big bowl, roll out the dough and cut into your fave shape. The only word of caution: You will need to add more moisture to the dough to roll it out.

The ingredients:

4 C whole wheat flour

2 C old-fashioned oatmeal

1 1/4 C water (more to hold everything together)

1/4 C minced apple (I used my handy-dandy food processor, it worked like a charm)

3 T ground cinnamon

2 T vegetable oil

2 T honey

1 T cloves (I didn’t feel like buying a $5 ingredient for dog treats, so I subbed nutmeg for cloves, Buster didn’t seem to mind)

Hunting a fly. Poor guy, I don't think he's ever caught one.

Hunting a fly. Poor guy, I don’t think he’s ever caught one.

Anxiously awaiting the snacks while I roll and roll and roll out the dough.

Anxiously awaiting the snacks while I roll and roll and roll out the dough.

I decided to share the wealth with some friends at work! Enjoy these cute faces, and have a great weekend!





2 Responses to “Ode to Buster: Thoughts on the coming baby, his 5th birthday and my latest attempt at making homemade treats*”

  1. shendrixson July 26, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    I love this post! I’m def. going to try these treats out on Amelie! For those times when she hasn’t tried my patience for the 97th time that day…

  2. Jean Cobb July 26, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    Enjoyed your blog it made me a litle sad about Buster,i’ve always enjoyed him so much,hope he adjusts to the baby.

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