Work Shower: Hostess Gifts & Elliott’s New Ride

30 Aug

This Tuesday, Baby Elliott was showered with lots of “we care about you” vibes from my generous co-workers at I’ve been lucky enough to work at Dillard’s for over 2 years, and I’m so thankful for the relationships I’ve built there.

Elliott got a diaper motorcycle, how cool is that?

Elliott got a diaper motorcycle, how cool is that?

There are writers who have challenged me to tighten my style for stronger, better copy, shoe team leaders who have guided me in how to seamlessly link copy and art and of course, a talkative lunch bunch who have let me vent, share life stuff and just be me every day.

My co-workers stayed true to form when they honored my boys (love saying that!) and me this week. With a bottle drying rack, steamer, penguin baby tub and full line of Johnson & Johnson products, I think I can safely say that Elliott will have clean bottles AND a clean body (whew).

There was even one group who pooled their hard-earned cash and bought us the fancy stroller that I got it into my head to register for – the B-Agile from Britax. It’s just so cool. You can drive it with one hand, fold it up in seconds and carry it without breaking a sweat (even if you have spaghetti arms like me).

photo (41)

Ike on Dad duty!

The only creature who didn’t seem to approve was (you guessed it) Buster. Hater of bikes, scooters and skateboards, Buster showed consistent disdain for the sporty B-Agile. But we took him and it out on a spin Thursday morning and he didn’t growl or try to attack it once, success!

And final thanks go out to my sister-in-law Katie, who came to my rescue with super-cute tags for the hostess gifts. I love how after a text from me, she was willing to dive into Pinterest and her scrapbooking supplies to produce such a great product!

photo (44)

Baking is my love language: so my hostesses got some sugar cookies!

My hostesses also get a big thanks. I really appreciate all the work (and cookies) they put into the event. I’m lucky to have such great friends!

photo (42)

That’s it for this week. Don’t be jealous, but I’m spending the Labor Day weekend at the BEACH!! Let’s hope it is just not a literal “labor day” for my 30-week pregnant self:) I’ll be back with stories and pictures soon.

photo (43)

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