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28 Candles

27 Sep

Like (self-involved? silly? smart?) high-school girls, I usually commemorate my b-day with a week-long celebration. And this year I especially feel very lucky to be so thoroughly honored by my friends and fam. (I’m talking a wonderful b-day date, surprise party, flowers, amazing chocolate baked goods…the list goes on) So I thought I’d “give back” (sorry, no monetary value) and call out the people worthy of celebration in my life.


photo 3

Ike gets top billing because he’s the BEST.

Confession: I always feel a little bad around b-day (and V-day and Christmas) time because I’m a celebration person and thus prone to grand dreams and inevitable disappointments, aka a man’s worst nightmare. Somehow Ike has stuck with me through 7 years of special events, and for that I’m truly grateful. This year he went above and beyond with a surprise party (the 3rd he’s planned for me:)!

Lately, he’s been putting me to shame by nesting more than me! He’s hard at work painting the crib (and ALL the spindles.) I’ll share the final look soon!

Our Families

photo 1

I’m really excited for Elliott to meet his eager grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! I feel like they are constantly showering him with furniture, clothes, toys, books, quilts and custom art. He’s a lucky little man!

Plus, they like me, too! The Peters treated me to a wonderful dinner last night, and my mom, sister and Nana are currently on their way to town (yay!!) to help me with my nursery and attend my church shower.

Small Group

Formed shortly before the grand crash of ‘12, this supportive group of friends has been crucial through my recovery (thanks for trying to teach me how to knit, Amber!), career ups and downs, moving into our house and, now, hosting my shower to celebrate Elliott. I don’t deserve you!

Is this post getting too mushy? I’m sorry! I just have to say that I’m so happy to have you all in my life. Done.

Silver City

photo 2

Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead.

Being involved in Silver City has been a rewarding/challenging experience. It takes me out of myself and my (ever-changing, but constant) list of worries, and helps me focus on building a relationship with a very special little girl, Aubryanna.

Although it is yet another thing to add to our weekly to-do list, I think that being involved in a regular service is a great way to keep perspective on what’s important. I really missed that guidance over the summer, and I’m so thankful that it has started up again!

Sorry for all the gushing! There are even more people that I could write pages and pages on (sweet co-workers, awesome college friends), but I’ll just have to save that for another day (lucky you!!)

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back soon with maternity pictures, nursery and church shower updates! Be excited.


Lessons Learned: 30 Weeks Pregnant + The Beach

13 Sep

Elliott and I spent Labor Day weekend at the beautiful Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, FL. What brought us there? My perpetual college BF/roomie (the lovely Kristin Kelley or KK)  is tying the knot on 11.9.13. And for those of you up on Alexis trivia, that momentous date is also when Elliott is set to make his arrival. So I sadly had to turn down a bridesmaid gig and even the chance to see this girl get hitched.

To make it up to her, I decided to plan a girls’ getaway! Three other girls from Harding (my alma mater) plus KK’s cousin were able to come, and the 6 of us had a fab-u-lous time. Here are the hard-earned lessons I learned. Ladies in the 3rd trimester who are also planning a beach vacation/bachelorette party, take notes! (you know you’re out there, I’m here to help).

1. Chivalry is (not quite) dead

The gift (plus some much-needed aloe) waiting for me at the end of my journey. At least I MARRIED a gentleman. I'm a lucky girl.

The gift (plus some much-needed aloe) waiting for me at the end of my journey. At least I MARRIED a gentleman. I’m a lucky girl.

I decided to do a social experiment in the airport. I did not check my bag because I’m cheap, but I secretly hoped that some kind person would offer to safely stow my suitcase in the overhead compartment. I’m just not big on lifting stuff over my head right now (or ever).

Here are the results, so read and weep, humanity:

  • Out of 4 flights, 1 lady (probably in her late 50s) offered to help. She looked just as weak as me, so I said “No thanks” and continued huffing and puffing and hoisting.

  • The silver lining: at baggage claim (I finally just checked my bag on the final leg), a college-age girl stayed even after she grabbed her bag to grab mine. I was really impressed! Kindness is not dead (!), but classic Southern gentleman chivalry just may be…at least in an airport setting.

2. Where’d You Go Bernadette is really funny

photo (45)

I was between downloading Where’d You Go Bernadette and Gone Girl for a little light beach reading. I went with the former because it was a few bucks cheaper (sensing a theme here?). After 2 trusted recommendations for it (thanks Sarah and Brooklynne!), I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed — and I wasn’t! I have less than 100 pages to go, and I’ll be sad when it’s over. Sign of a great read!

If you like humor about artistic genius, fear of human interaction and the city of Seattle, get your copy today!

3. I like the beach not the sun

photo (46)

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but after one day in the sun I was done (like medium well). Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of sand between my toes and the amazing aimlessness of sitting under an umbrella while listening to the rhythmic roar of the ocean. But the ocean made me dizzy and my chest is currently peeling. Am I a fuddy duddy? Yes. But at least that doesn’t come as a surprise.

4. When in doubt, raise the roof!

Everyone had silly buttons for the night. This was mine, place right above Elliott's head:)

Everyone had silly buttons for the night. This was mine, placed right above Elliott’s head:)

We hit the nightlife scene on Saturday, and I was determined to be a good sport. So while the other girls hit the dance floor, I just sat at a table people watching and doing random “raise the roof” motions for good measure. Although I was exhausted, I still cherish the memory! I’m so glad I was able to “participate” with the girls!

5. I have wonderful friends


I’m so happy that we were able to make this happen! Even though I’ve been out of school for 5 years (wowza), I still instantly reconnect with the girls I lived with, “studied” with and helped through boy problems. There’s something magical about a college connection, and I hope to stay in touch with these girls for many more years!


In other news, we’re down to appointments every 2 weeks for Elliott. Where did the time go?