My name is Alexis Peters and I’m a word person.  I just moved to the Little Rock area and I love it so far.  We don’t have as many trees and hills in Houston.  Nice work AR!

Resume below for your convenience and/or enjoyment!

I want to take my lifelong passion for creativity and originality, along with my experience working in a business and team-oriented environment, and apply it to a career in writing.  My dream position is a full time writer/editor at a creative company.  I can help your company develop a unique voice.

Word Person

I’ve been a word person ever since I got addicted to The Baby Sitters’ Club books in the2nd grade, but my college education formed and matured my writing.  The mix of formal/analytical writing with creative/original writing in many of the courses has equipped me for polished written and verbal communication. Of course, I have much room to grow, but I am young and spry and ready to learn!

Professionally I’ve gotten the chance to spread my wordsmith wings as well.  At Texas Instruments (TI), if the Facilities Department had an impending event or deadline, I would write the communication.  During my time at Purely Delicious, I contributed to the magazine’s writing and served as the copyeditor for the Summer ‘08 edition.  At Blast Magazine, I wrote a series of articles on how to save money without ruining your life.  And as a PR/Copywriting Intern at The Black Sheep Agency I wrote and edited blog posts, commented on industry blogs, and generated content and managed several of their social media accounts.

Organized Person

During my two years at TI, I had the chance to help the 100+ people in the department with a multitude of projects.  Every day I got to field questions ranging from ‘How do I (fill in the blank) in Excel (etc)?’ to ‘Can you create a SharePoint Library to help me organize my files?’. Thus, I learned how to balance and prioritize several projects at once.  I loved the casual creative (and slightly chaotic) atmosphere at Purely Delicious.  I helped alleviate some chaos by helping the publisher organize her business.  By the time I left, I had a system for every function from mailing, to answering emails, to editing articles.  My boss lovingly labeled me ‘the other half of her brain’ and I felt good about that title although it doesn’t quite work on a business card.

Computer Savvy Person

Due to my time at TI, I know my way around the Microsoft Office Suite like the back of my hand. I also became the Department SharePoint Champion (as in the ‘go to’ person), and I even learned some basic HTML editing using Dreamweaver.

Professional Experience

Internet Copywriter, Dillard’s, Little Rock, Arkansas

May 2011 – Present

Public Relations/Copywriting Intern, The Black Sheep Agency, Virtual Position

November 2010 – February 2011

Writer, Blast Magazine, Virtual Position

November 2010 – December 2010

Project Technician II, Texas Instruments, Stafford, Texas

October 2008-October 2010

Copyeditor/Office Manager, Purely Delicious Magazine, Richmond, Texas

June 2008-October 2008


Bachelor of Arts, English Literature and Language, May 2008

Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas

Graduated Summa Cum Laude, GPA of 3.99 on a 4.00 scale

Related Skills

Writing and Grammar Skills

Multi-Tasking and organization

Ability to meet weekly, monthly and annual deadlines

Bonus Morsels
Favorite Authors: John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Leo Tolstoy
Favorite Nostalgic Movie: Anne of Green Gables
Favorite Recent Movie:Up
Favorite Bands/Artists:  The Beatles, Sufjan Stevens, She & Him, Vampire Weekend
Favorite TV Shows: Lost, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, The Office, 30 Rock, Community, Modern Family, Alias, The Wire
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite Pastimes:  Baking, Reading, Walking my dog, 30 Day Shred
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who follow too closely (specifically people with bright headlights)

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