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Resolving in 2014

17 Jan

This is my 4th year to resolve on the blog. I know I’m a little late this year, but I think that my tardiness makes these goals even more genuine. Stay with me here. Ok, I care enough about these goals that I will still try to keep them even though they aren’t necessarily starting on Jan 1. Anyone ever use that excuse not to keep/start a resolution? Show of hands? Just me? Whatever.

So on with the show! I have real clients to write for:) But I totally love you for reading!

1. Find a Work-Life-Baby-Husband-Friend Balance


Milestone Alert: Look mom, I’m grasping. Totally exciting, no?

Major life upheavals sometimes come in cute little packages. With my sweet little upheaval, I’ve already quit my office job and gotten a work-from-home gig. Whew. That’s not to mention my full-time role of baby entertainer/protector/feeder AND my keep-the-house clean goals. Are you tired from reading all that? ME TOO!  All this “look how busy I am” listing (sorry!) brings me to my first resolution: find balance. And being me, I have a multi-step plan to face this one head on.

Learn to say no: That’s right. I love my friends, and I want to make an effort to still go to Bunko and girls nights and small group and Wednesday night church as often as possible. But if, every once in a while, I’m overwhelmed with baby, work, house etc, I need to be ok with missing a few gatherings here and there. I think this attitude will help me deal with the sting of regret when I really do need to be at home with my family instead of out.

Learn to deal with deadlines: I’m a stickler for deadlines. I never miss them. But they keep me in a constant state of tension. I need to remind myself that I WILL get the work done, and letting deadlines nag at my much-needed down time is against the rules. Don’t be weirded out, but I’m about to write a little message to myself. Alexis: deadlines are the nature of your work, embrace it!!

Build in Down Time: I love working from home. I can workout at 10:00, eat a non-PB&J lunch and hang out with other moms during the day. But there is a downside: there are no official hours. So the tendency is to work in some form or fashion around the clock. As I am adjusting to this new job, I need to build in a “no work zone.” Like a couple hours just hanging out with Ike when he gets home and times during the day for baby boy and I to play. Because in the end, me working from home is all about spending time with my boys.

2. Record the Moments


Overalls for baby dedication? Why not.

I give credit to my friend Amber for this one. She told me about this app called Memento where she records just a little something her sweet baby boy does everyday. I’m trying to do this with Elliott. Even after 2 months, I’m struggling to remember when he did certain things. This is my electronic version of a baby book!

3. Dinner with Friends


Trying to make tummy time less horrific, one mirror at a time.

This ties in with my first resolution. With a new baby, it is sometimes easier to have people over than be out and about in the evenings. Baby boy’s bedtime is around 8-9, and I still don’t like to mess with the nighttime schedule too much. I want sleep people! So sue me if I’d rather be home by 8-ish 99% of the time. So, if E’s schedule means I sometimes won’t be able to just jump and the car and do stuff, I have a plan for this too:

Have friends over for dinner on a regular basis. Not sure what my “assignment” will be yet, but I at least want to host a monthly dinner party of some sort.

4. Get Dressed


He loves bath time?

Another one that ties into the first, sensing a trend here? My new coworkers and my long-distance editors don’t care what I wear. And somedays it is really indulgent to just stay in the yoga pants zone. But I really feel more focused and more like myself if I do get dressed, fix my hair and wear a touch of makeup, even if nothing is on the agenda. So yeah, at least 4 out of 5 days, I command that I GET DRESSED.

The Usual Suspects


Super-cute, yes. But in all fairness, he started screaming moments after this photo was taken.

And here’s the perpetual spot for my lifetime goals, but they bear repeating:

1. Daily time with God: right now I’m doing a New Testament/Psalms reading plan. It is low-key but just what I need. I would, however like to spend a little more time meditating on what I’m reading. So yeah, I need to find a way to do that.

2. Workout regularly: Right now I’m on operation wear my pre-pregnancy-pants-again. To aid me on my journey, I’m doing Jillian Michaels’ 90-Day Revolution. I’m about to get to the point I had to stop b/c I was going to have you-know-who. So that’ exciting! Another something exciting? I wore my less-skinny skinny jeans this week! They were tight, but they zipped. VICTORY!

3. Keep up with the blog: Guys, this was seriously like a therapy session just now. Sorry about that. But I do enjoy writing for me and you. So I’ll stick with my once a week goal.

That’s it!! Gotta GO. Deadlines to keep! Until next week!