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7 Jun

You’re right. If you are lucky enough to be friends with my (adorably excited) husband, you already know. Baby Peters is a ……….

photo (21)

Dramatic Pause for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be on the Ike Peters train………

photo (18)

We tried to “trick” people with pink icing, not sure if it worked, but it was fun to try!

Yes, those cookies do say boy.

I realize my makeshift cookie creation may not become a pinterest sensation, but they were made with love (blah, blah) AND they tasted delicious.

I admit I didn’t really understand gender reveal parties. Why have them? What are people supposed to say? Boooo, it’s a boy? Aren’t they supposed to be excited no matter what? Then why? Why do people have them? (short sample of my stream of consciousness about a week ago).

Tried to make the table fancy!

Tried to make the table fancy!

After hosting a low-key event of my own, I’ve decided that they are roughly equivalent to engagement parties. In other words, just a time to celebrate an exciting event in your friends’ lives. Without presents and with plenty of sweet treats. (aka, my kind of gathering!).

So no, I don’t love dramatic surprises or being the center of attention, but I did love celebrating my baby boy with my friends. I’d do it again with baby #2 (no, we’re not having twins).

I let Ike make the creamer labels, isn't he cute?

I let Ike make the creamer labels, isn’t he cute?

Here’s part 2 of my (stolen thunder, thanks again, Ike:) announcement. His name. After the doctor saw baby’s “3rd leg” (lol), Ike and I immediately started brainstorming. The name we had decided on pre-ultrasound? Finn.

Why? It sounded cool. I bounced it off some co-workers and one girl said, “Oh, like from Glee.” WAIT a minute! That gave both Ike and I pause. Sure, my name was inspired by Dynasty’s antagonist, so in 27 years no one would remember our kid was named after Glee.

photo (20)

But it reminded both of us that maybe we hadn’t thought this through. Thus, back to the drawing board.

Our new criteria:

1. The name had to have meaning

2. The name couldn’t be on recent top 100 names lists

3. The name needed to sound good and not spell anything weird with the middle name Edward

After narrowing it down we finally found one that fit all 3. Ok, we’ll do a quick drumroll again…

Sigh, yes. The cookies say Elliott. Do you get the clue?*


The meaning for this name is twofold for the the Peters family.

A) Growing up (and probably forever), Ike’s favorite movie was/is E.T. Like he has threatened to get an E.T./Elliott flying over the moon tattoo on his chest. That is devotion. As far as characters go, Elliott’s not so bad. Other than his love of Reese’s Pieces, he also thirsts for deeper relationships in the midst of growing up.

*Ding ding! That’s why I made these amazing double chocolate chunk Reese’s Pieces cookies.

Reeses Pieces Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Picky Palate

My first Picky Palate recipe, I was very impressed. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, this is a must-try!

B) This next discovery pushed this name from the maaaaaybe pile, into the it’s perfect pile instantly. Of Hebrew origin, Elliott means: Lord my God.

So, not only is Elliott inspired by my movie-loving husband’s all-time favorite movie, but it more importantly means all that we hope for the little guy. That he will grow up to know the Lord his God. Perfect? I think so.


Although Elliott (2 t’s, sorry, little one, we’ve strapped you with saying that for the rest of your life), is climbing the name popularity charts, it has never cracked the top 100 in the last 200 years. He may meet an Elliott or 2 along the way, but I don’t think he’ll have one in his class every year. I hope.

General Flow

 And lastly, we wanted to honor our fathers with baby’s middle name. For a girl, we would/will go with Stacy for Ike’s dad (sorry, yes, we are girl-ifying it). So for a boy we are going with Edward for my dad, NOT from Twilight.

Elliott Edward seems to have a nice ring to us. If you don’t think so — keep it to yourself, we’re committed.

That is quite enough for this morning. I demand you have a wonderful weekend! See ya soon!

Skinnytaste: It’s What’s for Dinner

24 May

Real talk: after the nausea-laden, is-my-baby-really-in-there worries of the 1st trimester, I’ve moved on to (selfish?) 2nd trimester woes. I’m stressing about gaining weight. I know that’s part of it. And I’ll be beautiful and blah blah, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for the scale and I to explore uncharted territory (we’re already dangerously close!)


You need to go to there.

It isn’t all purely cosmetic (although, that’s like 90%). The other more noble 10  percent came from my spinal surgeon. I asked him what precautions I should take during pregnancy because of my fusion, and he said he said “just don’t gain a lot of weight.” Well, alright then.

Easier said than done when my little cohabitator seems to want hourly snacks:) So, I need to find a way to eat a lot of HEALTHY food.

Ike and I already eat at home most of the time. For one, it’s usually healthier and two we’re cheap (sorry if you’re our friend, we’re boring I know)! So, when a friend recommended this recipe, I fell in love. Not only with the cheesy, saucy, sausage-y dish, but with the whole concept of Skinnytaste. Because that’s exactly what it is.


Baked Pasta with Sausage & Spinach, aka HEAVENLY.

Here are the tasty, “skinny” recipes we’ve tried so far: I’d recommend all of them!! And be willing to try more. Hope you find a delicious meal there soon, too!

Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots

Spring Stir Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots

Pasta with Asparagus

Pasta with Asparagus

Happppppppy Friday! Think of me when you’re all off on Memorial Day (complaining about working the holiday is officially……..over.)
See ya soon!