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Summer Shoes

31 May

My feet (fingers crossed, I know) are part of my body that won’t be growing too much over the next few months. So, when Ike bought some much-needed work clothes a few weeks ago, I used my best puppy-dog face to score a couple new pairs of shoes on our outing for…just because.

Without further ado, here they are:

Pair #1: Flat Espadrilles

photo (12)

Without putting on my shoe-blogger hat too firmly, espadrilles are those summerly classics with a braided detail around the midsole. These days you’ll see them in wedge form most often, but the originals were flats, like mine! You like?

photo (11)

I love just slipping them on with dresses and heading out the door. They have the casual ease of a sneaker with the added fun of summery canvas with a touch of shimmer.

Pair #2: Wedge Sandals

photo (14)

There’s something so feminine about adding a little height to your step. I usually avoid tall shoes A) because Ike and I are the same height and B) because I have basically no practice and feel like I’m on stilts all day. But these mid-height wedges are super comfy and stable, and Ike and I just get over our temporary height difference:)

photo (13)

These are also great with dresses and even cropped pants. I have decided that the light tan goes with everything and that the thin ankle strap is leg-lengthening. In other words, I’ll be wearing these a lot!

Baby Update:

At our appointment on Wednesday, our doctor gave us her best guess on Baby Peters’ gender! We are doing a low-key gender/name reveal on Sunday with our small group from church…which means, I’ll cover that shindig next week!

To tide the 2 or 3 of you who care over until then…here is a belly pic I took after the appointment I’d say I’m late 16/ early 17 weeks here.

photo (17)

Sorry, not too impressive I know. I’m sure I’ll pop soon?

See ya soon!

Style to the Maxi*

26 Apr

*You’re right. That does sound weird. Just thought I’d try it.

I’m a late adopter. Case in point: I just got a smartphone this Christmas (gasp!). With technology, I like to let the fads die down and prices drop. I was also scared I’d get addicted (I kind of am) and that Ike and I’d become one of those couples who browse through dinner and never talk (not true, we watch TV, silly).

My fashion sense is no different. Although I’d love to say I’m just super classic and not trend swayed. It’s mostly about fear. I can’t tell you A) how long it took me to try tights+dress+boots and B) how many times I did try them on and then change because I thought I looked funny. Now, I live in that look for fall and winter, go figure.

I finally conquered my warm-weather fashion-block: the maxi length. AND it better not go out soon, because I just jumped on the wagon.

Here are 3 reasons why I don’t think it will be leaving the stores or my closet anytime soon.

1) Perfect combo of comfy and girly

photo (10)

Especially in the stretchy knit variety, this style has almost a vacation-level comfort. But, it’s a full-length skirt which makes me feel like (super) casual Jane Austen character.

2) Full leg coverage e.g. no shaving required

photo (11)

This is where practically sets in. Here’s my little secret: I don’t shave everyday (LOL). But I really love to wear dresses for their ease — one step, hello! — and, again, femininity. The maxi dress wraps both of my passions (not shaving + wearing dresses) in one cute package. Bonus: you can start being springy with pasty skin, too! I think we’re getting to win-win-win here people.

3) Good Temperature Control

photo (12)

Sorry my pics aren’t magazine-worthy, my styling assistant is a dog…

Even though they are full-length, they still feel very breezy. And for people who work in ice-box-like conditions, they completely cover your legs to cut the edge against the cold.

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while! I was too busy being in Houston buying maxi dresses! Oh and putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. You like?

Bamboo blinds! Thanks to Aunt Debbie & Uncle Charles:)

Bamboo blinds! Thanks to Aunt Debbie & Uncle Charles:)

Shopping Adventure: Jason Wu (hoo!!) at Target

10 Feb

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed my Super Bowl Sunday. I made Pioneer Woman potato skins, went to a party, ate an inordinate amount of food and laughed at M&Ms dancing. Fun? Check. Annual stomach ache? Check.

But the most interesting/exciting/out-of-ordinary part of my day happened bright and early that morning. I found myself, with 10 other eager shoppers, lined up in front of my local Target. I can hear your question: “What were all you crazy people doing there at 7:50 a.m. on a Sunday morning?”


First, let me pause here for dramatic effect.


We were waiting to be the first to try on Jason Wu’s line for Target!

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