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Jekyll and Hyde: E-readers v. Print

28 May


When I heard that people were actually buying into the e-book craze, I scoffed.  I presented the obvious argument – “I want to feel the cover, hear the ruffle of pages, smell the papery essence, track my progress with my trusty bookmark…(edited for length – ffw 20 minutes)…and I will NEVER get an e-reader, the end!”

You see I’ve loved reading – and thus books – ever since I was swept into novels like The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables and ok, the occasional Baby Sitters’ Club or Goosebumps.  So I have a stubborn preference for the tangible, the non-battery powered, and the traditional and trusty format based on years of experience.  You don’t come out of college with a degree in English Lit and Lang not caring about literature (encased in real paper).  For years all I ever had to decide was hardback or paper back? And maybe every once in awhile (let’s admit it) which cover is cooler?

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