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Jillian Michaels 90 Day Revolution Phase I

1 Mar

This week, I’m giving you the lowdown on Jillian Michaels’ 90 Day Revolution, especially Phase (I didn’t know how good I had it) 1. Or could this just be a sneaky way to brag that I’m like, totally working out a lot? Either way, I’m really enjoying this program.jillian

General Program Schedule

Phase I establishes the pattern that you’ll follow for the entire 90 days.

  • The first 2 weeks, you’ll alternate between workout 1 (front of the body) and workout 2 (back of the body) and cardio one.
  • The next 2 weeks, you’ll do workout 3 (front of the body) and workout 4 (back of the body) and cardio one.
  • Then you graduate to Phase 2. (Woo hoo! Don’t eat cake because Jillian will hunt you down.)

Get it? I think Jillian has the crazy idea that I’m supposed to workout six times a week. I’m going to use my stale “I broke my spine” excuse 1 more time, and continue my four-a-week schedule.


The Nitty Gritty

As I said (and you’ve probably highlighted in your copious notes), each workout focuses on either front of the body or back of the body muscle groups. But the general flow is the same.

What You’ll Need

  • 30 minutes
  • Yoga Mat
  • Hand weights (ok, this is the last time I’ll use my spine excuse…I stick to my 2 pound set, but Jillian often tortures the 90 day gang with 8s.)
  • Resistance Band (I believe this comes with the program)
  • Room to run suicides
  • Happy Thoughts
  • Shower facilities afterward or friends/co-workers who don’t mind BO

Workout Outline


The dreaded crescent pose.

  • Quick warm up
  • Four 5 minute circuits that consist of:
    • Four 30 second weight, resistance band or body weight moves
    • 1 minute of cardio
    • Repeat the four weight, resistance band or body weight move intervals

Cardio 1
Eight  1 minute intervals (repeat 3 times, pick self off floor)

The Good

Although there are certainly moments of pain, I never felt like I was going to barf or pass out or gargle my heart. I’d say that Jillian keeps it low impact enough for even you apartment dwellers to workout without your downstairs neighbors plotting your untimely demise.

The Coping Mechanism

Mimi, the "jokester" of the group.

Mimi, the “jokester” of the group.

If I ever did get to the end of my rope, I found a fun game I play to distract myself from the pain. I try to memorize all the backup worker-outers names. So far I know all but one: Omar, Kenta, Kent, Natalie, David, Terri Anne, Anita, Haley, Mimi, Lana. I haven’t figured out the dark-haired girl’s name who’s waaaay too excited about “showing off what her mama gave her” during fast feet. If you know, please share. It’s killing me.

The Results

I’ve noticed more toning in my arms, legs and (ahem) back side. Plus, since I started the program, 2 people have told me that I “look healthy.” I’m guessing I look so much better than that sickly ghost who came home from the hospital. I consider finally working out the last step in my year long recovery.

Ok, you’ve spent way too long with me today. Get back to work!