Writing by Moi

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work published in places other than this lovely blog. Feel free (I insist) to peruse the selection below.

The Black Sheep Agency Blog

Behind the Mask: 3 Great Twitter Mascots

3 Lessons from Groupon on Going Viral and Growing your Business

Stand Out! 3 Ways to Build an Unexpected Brand

Blast Magazine

Ask Alexis: Budget Tip #1 – Skipping Cable Bills without losing (too much) culture savvy

Ask Alexis: Game Night – Fun & Free

Ask Alexis: why menu planning makes a world of difference

Ask Alexis: The Cash System

Money myth: You need credit to buy big stuff

Ask Alexis: fun (cheap) entertainment

Top 10 Thanksgiving TV show episodes: Part one

Top 10 Thanksgiving TV episodes: Part two

Ask Alexis: the Christmas Thrift Store Challenge

Purely Delicious Magazine


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