It’s ALIIIIIIVE Part II (and Part II’s are usually the BEST)

26 Oct

Here are the promised (and much awaited, I’m sure) greatest hits of Horror Nights ’09.  Catchy, huh?   I’ve rated them out of 5 screams for freaky factor and out of 5 elixirs for quality – deal with the  silly rating system or else mu-ha-ha-ha!    And don’t say I didn’t warn you, some of these films may cause panic attacks, paranoia, and random screaming fits.  Again it is all in good clean fun.  But I’m not ashamed to close my eyes if a movie gets intense, so you shouldn’t be either.

Best of 2009 7NoH

    The Descent

    • 3 Screams – This movie is perfectly claustrophobic and ‘different’(as in it takes place in a cave and features a predominately female cast) than the average creepy movie.   Even without the super scary ‘Gollum-like’ creatures the movie slowly ratchets the tension as it gets darker, crazier, and yes, scarier.
    • 3.5 Elixirs – I could always do without compound fracture scenes, but other than that I don’t have any complaints.  The movie explores who people become without the normal constraints of society.  Don’t feel like reading ‘Heart of Darkness’?  Just watch The Descent!  That’s a great selling point, huh?

    Drag Me to Hell

    • 2 Screams – This movie is kind of freaky until you realize it is an unsettling comedy and not a pure horror film.  After I made this discovery, I actually laughed at the Looney Tune-ish fight scenes.  This is not to say though, that the movie doesn’t end with slightly terrifying horror movie gusto.
    • 3 Elixirs – I don’t think everyone will agree this is a great horror movie.  But in my opinion this movie mixes humor and horror standards, resulting in a fun to watch movie.  Let me tell you, if you are going to watch hard hitting horror movies during your 7 Nights of Horror, you are going to need a fun and dare I say ‘campy’ movie to get you through.  I liked it.  That is all.


      • 1 Scream for most of the movie BUT 4 Screams for the final 15 minutes – Sure, most of the movie deals with Carrie’s sad life, her insane mother, and her interactions with mean high school kids.  But show me one person who isn’t haunted by the final confrontation between Carrie and her mother and I’ll give you a dollar. Or maybe I’m the only one with the imagery forever burned into my brain?  Not to mention Carrie’s hand suddenly…wait I can’t talk about it…Que shivers up spine.
      • 3 Elixirs – This movie is a classic so you should probably put it on your ‘I’ve seen it list’ if it isn’t already there.  But it isn’t a classic just because John Travolta was really young in it. No, it is a classic because it proves you should never pick on people because they may have telekinetic powers to destroy you and the whole town.  But really, this movie has some great acting and somehow makes Carrie an object of sympathy and horror.  Nice work film makers, nice work.  Also – read the book if you haven’t, it is pretty good.

      The Exorcist

        • 5 + Screams – In my ‘extensive’ horror movie experience, those that deal with demon possession scare me the most (times ten).  Give me vampires, zombies, aliens, or even sea monsters any day…but I cannot handle demons.  So this is the scariest movie I have ever seen.  I woke up every night after I saw it (for at least 3 days) in a cold sweat too scared to look at the clock in fear it would be 3:00 am.  I know I am mixing demon movies here, but in the middle of the night ‘logic’ doesn’t matter.  I’m not even going to try to describe the movie because I would have to close my eyes, and then I might put typos into my blog.
        • 3.5 Elixirs – This movie was scary.  I don’t even know if I recommend it.  But it is good because that little girl gets really scary without hokey special effects (which would have been a relief, hokey special effects make me laugh).  It even demonstrates the power of faith and good versus evil but not without throwing in some borderline blasphemy as well.  So if you want to watch the scariest movie on the list, go for it.  You will certainly be scared.  BUT don’t call me at 3:00 am when you can’t sleep.

        On that note, I wish you the best this week before Halloween.  I’ll change gears tomorrow, I promise…  Stay tuned!!

        Here’s your bonus pic of the day!  Buster after our rainy walk this morning.

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