Delicious (& Easy) Banana Bread

2 Dec

I have finally learned that most people don’t like eating cereal for breakfast 6 days a week. It is sometimes hard for me to understand because I do and I am completely happy.  I love my Life (cereal), my Oatmeal Squares, and my Shredded Wheat.  And hey, I even add some variety to my breakfast life on Saturdays with some waffles, pancakes, muffins or French toast action.  I admit I am a sweet toothed but monotonous breakfast person. So please don’t expect any bacon inspired recipes here in the foreseeable future.  Or at least I wouldn’t hold my breath, and I would know since I write the blog.  But my mom and Nana are here to visit for a long weekend and I don’t ever recall my mom eating cereal.  So to be a good hostess, I went to my recipe favorites and pulled out this little number.  It is an easy and tasty Banana Bread that was handed down to me from my college roommate who got it from her Nana.  This is a 3rd generation recipe, so it must be excellent.

Here are the players:

Here are the 2 possible settings:

(you can make a loaf or muffins or both from 1 batch of batter)

And here is the action:

1. Grease your setting of choice.

2. Set the oven to 350. NOW.

3. Melt 1 stick butter, 30 seconds will do it.  And the amount of butter is counterbalanced by the fruit, right?  Of course right.

4. Next add the 1 ¼ C sugar (you can use less if the bananas are really brown – that detail was for you, KK).

5. Then add 2 eggs, 1tsp vanilla, 4T sour cream and 1 ½ C flour.  The sour cream sounds like a weird addition, but it makes the bread so moist and wonderful.  Sorry if you don’t like the word moist, but that’s the only word to describe the delectable texture. So deal.

6. Now it’s bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  Or in other words mash those guys up.  You’ll need about 1 C, so that’s 2 or 3. And the browner the better.  Insider tip, if you have bananas going bad and you don’t have time to make the bread, stick them in the freezer till you are ready.  They defrost nicely.  Oh, and that tip was for free.  That’s just the kind of girl I am.

7. Don’t forget to have a dog sleeping on your left foot.  (Note, you can omit this step)

8. Pour batter into pan, again, you can divide the batter between muffin and a loaf to add some spice to your life.

9. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until the fork comes out clean.

I hope you have time to try this recipe out.  I will admit, it adds some nice variety to the cold cereal grind.  Enjoy with a warm cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk for ultimate enjoyment.

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