Dogs are like Fairies: Buster in action

18 Jun

Lest someone accuse me of having a ‘technology ponderings’ blog, if such a thing exists, I thought I would focus my ponderings this time on the favorite character in my life.  There is no other way to describe him but in a series of cartoonish exaggerations. He is at times the epitome of love, of slovenliness, of anger, of frustration, of excitement.  Am I talking about my super handsome husband?  No, I’m talking about my handsome Cairn terrier, Buster.

Much like JM Barrie’s Tinkerbell, Buster, it seems, is too small to hold more than one feeling at a time.  Thus his love is pure and strong with no tinge of lesser emotions, while his anger is boiling hot.  What, am I being too grandiose for a dog?  Well you haven’t met Buster Peters have you?

One of Busters most amusing characteristics is fear.  At times, fear drives him to a less amusing state, fury.  We will focus on the fear – I want you to like the poor guy.  Buster’s growing list of ‘annoyances’ is varied and unique as his (tangled) brindle fear.  Free fact, brindle Cairn terriers will continue to change color their entire lives – Buster is living proof as he constantly facilitates from light brown, orange, chestnut, and black – he’s as variegated as his dog emotions.  Back to the fear…here’s a list of objects or occurrences that have freaked  him out…

1.  Any object held over his head

If you want to see Buster skedaddle just carry a trash bag, Frosted Mini Wheat box, or pizza box etc

2.  Cacti

I’m serious, one time he noticed a potted cactus on someone’s balcony and he gave it a classic ‘I’m not comfortable with this’ humph.

3.  The White Strips song Aluminum

I’m sure Buster meant no offense to the band, but something about the shrill opening seconds did not agree with him.  Ironically or perhaps predictably, Buster is not comfortable around aluminum foil either.

4.  A car with its trunk open

To Buster, I suppose, it just seems too big and abnormal.

5.  A neighbor’s FedEx package

Maybe Buster is OCD.  He doesn’t like his physical surroundings to change.  When someone gets a package on our floor, my furry companion does not appreciate it.

6.  Plants moving in the wind

This is my imagined internal dialogue for Buster, “Hey, those things are alive, and they are plotting to make us all kill ourselves.”  That’s right, Buster inspired The Happening ’s plotline, do you like the movie more now that you know a dog created it?  (I kid)

7.  Motorcycles (parked or roaring)

I kind of have to agree with him on this one – they are too loud.

8.  Anything covered in a tarp

I think Buster equates movement with being alive, which is actually pretty smart for him.

9.  Thunder:

This one is not so cute, he will try to run up to the window to tell the thunder what’s up. Buster is strong, but he’s no force of nature and he gets a little loud if not checked.

10.  Ike’s guitar case,

Yes it is big and has movable parts, but you and I would not call it scary.  Buster would beg to differ.

The big picture

Most of the time, if I can, I try to free Buster from his fear.  I lure him with treats and coaxing to be as close as he dares to a ‘scary’ thing, and after a couple times, his fear diminishes.  So some of the things on this list are ‘behind’ him, I just thought it would be fun to share.

Buster’s fear reminds me that we all see the world from a different place.  He is small so everything is scary and a challenge to his existence.   I’m there to help move beyond his fears, and help him be the happy dog I know he can be.  I would do the same for any friend.  It is just harder to see a person’s unreasonable fears and harder to coax people toward the things that scare them most, but shouldn’t.  But my new awareness is the first step!  Thank you Buster for you weird little self.

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