Christmas Countdown

14 Dec

The term “Slow as Christmas” no longer makes sense in my life. I mean, I remember the agonizingly slow December days, the end of school countdowns and those sleepless nights of my childhood. But they are no more! This year I’m still not done with shopping and Christmas is next week. It is simply shocking. Time has been on fast forward this year, and Christmas has knocked me on the head instead of making its traditional slow advance. So to get my anticipation high and my countdown started, I’ll share 5 things I can’t wait to do next week when I travel down to Houston to spend Christmas with my family. I hope you have the time to get excited about your upcoming Christmas traditions. It will make the holiday sweeter. I promise.


Speaking of sweeter, baking a ton of goodies is crucial to a successful Christmas holiday. I will (accidentally, of course) cover myself and the kitchen with flour, argue with my sister about whose cookies are better and ruin all my meals afterward with recurring cookie snacks.  Ah, sweet traditions.

Here’s some of our favorite holiday sweets (sorry, we are not a pie family): Mini Peanut Butter cookies with Reese’s or Kisses accompaniment, chocolate covered EVERYTHING, and Puppy Chow (peanut butter, powdered sugar, and chocolate. I rest my case). And this year, I’d like to introduce Oreo Balls. Looks like I have a sugar coma of happiness just around the corner.

Christmas Meals

Part I: Breakfast

A new tradition for Christmas Eve is gourmet breakfast. Last time we made a 5 Cheese Spinach Quiche, Ham and Maple Scones, and a selection of breakfast meats. This year, we are going to attempt Banana’s Foster over waffles, potato succotash, and maybe some homemade blueberry lemon muffins. Wow, I am suddenly extremely hungry.

Part II: Dinner

Several years ago, my mom made the enlightened decision to move all heavy cooking to Christmas Eve, thus leaving Christmas a free day to play. And we’ve also stopped making the traditional turkey meal because (let’s be honest) Thanksgiving was only a few short weeks ago. Last year, although I wasn’t there, the fam made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Random, but legendary. They call it the magical meal. So we are repeating it this year so my husband can taste this magic.

Movie Watching

Yes, I do mean Christmas movies. We try to watch Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Christmas Vacation every year. But we also have a tradition to buy a new animated film and watch it as a family on Christmas Eve. We’ve learned it is best to stick with Pixar, because the year we got Monster House was disturbing. Yet another reason to love Pixar: providing wonderful Christmas Eve memories.

Game Playing

I’ll admit it. We are anti-social on Christmas. I have one of those isolated nuclear families. I’ve never lived within comfortable driving distance from any of my extended family. So, on Christmas we stay snuggly in the PJ zone and play all day. Lately we’ve gotten a great Rock Band tour going or some other new fangled multiplayer game. A great board or card game would be welcome as well.

Nancy Drew

And this is a cherished tradition that we’ve held since I was in Junior High or so (and that’s a long time since I’m getting along in years). If you’ve never played the Nancy Drew mystery games on PC, you may either not care about this blurb at all, or you are seriously missing out on hours of fun (and frustration). And hey, the box says the games are for people from age 10 -99. I’m betting each of you fall in this category. If you want to get in on this super sleuth action, Her Entertainment comes out with 2 Nancy mysteries each year. There are 23 mysteries in total and I’ve played and loved them all. I love traveling to a mountain lodge or a haunted mansion or a French design studio to recover a stolen artifact or uncover the source of mysterious threats. I also love crowding around the computer with my whole family, bickering over seat placement and mouse control and cherishing every minute of it.

I’m glad I wrote this post. I am officially excited for Christmas!! I hope I’ve sparked your own “I can’t wait till…” thoughts. Let them flow, and let the countdown begin!

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