2011 Resolutions

3 Jan

Hey there! Hope your holidays were merry and bright and that you are ready to hit 2011…hard. I sure am. In case you are dying to know, I had a wonderful holiday. I got a Kitchen Aid mixer, a new purple purse and, of course, the entire series of Pee Wee’s Playhouse on DVD.  But I know that Christmas is more than presents. I also spent quality time, or as I like to say “QT,” (let’s try to make that happen, hmm?) with my family. I got to see my friends that I’ve known for over 18 years at a New Year ’s Eve wedding. So yeah, I feel my holiday happiness quota has been more than fulfilled. I am so blessed to have such a great fam and friends!

Ok, on to the purpose of the post. And yes, those personal reflections & quick holiday recaps were for free!

I’m one of those people who believe that if I write my goals down, they are more likely to happen. I didn’t make that up or anything, I read it somewhere or heard from someone wiser than me. If posting my resolutions on my blog isn’t “writing it down”, I don’t know what is. I hope I inspire you to make your own list. A challenging but clear direction in 2011 could do wonders for you and me.

Find a church home in Little Rock

We’ve been visiting around some great churches in the area, but I am ready to place membership somewhere soon. After we become members, we need to get involved in a small group. Nothing has helped Ike and I get connected and involved in a church like becoming members in a smaller group. I’d also like to get involved in a local mission. I’d love to use my church home as a vehicle to use the talents God gave me.

Read at least 1 novel per month

A post about these projected choices will be here tomorrow!!

Teach Buster a new trick

I may try the bow. It looks cute and pretty easy. Other options include high five, play dead or speak. Thoughts? If he and I master a new one, I will share a video of our success. That’s a promise!

Find a way to generate income while doing work I love

This will be a challenging one. I’d love to either generate enough income through writing from home, or find a full time job that uses my exquisite English Major skills. So, I will be actively seeking out both options as I continue blogging, writing for Blast Magazine and interning for The Black Sheep Agency.

Continue saving for a house down payment.

This is the biggest stretch goal, I’d love to leave apartment living behind and buy a house by the end of the year. But that may have to wait till sometime in 2012. I will be patient!

But we will continue our fabulously frugal lifestyle to help us toward our goal. I’ll give you more frugal tips throughout the year. Duh.

Keep in touch with my college pals

Being in the adult world for the past 2.5 years has emphasized to me beyond a doubt how wonderful college really was. During those 4 years, I had time to really get to know people and to make some wonderful friendships. The adult world is full of busyness and distance and it is not as easy to stay connected socially or make those deep friendships. So, to reiterate and make it sound more official, I will try to stay up to date with my college pals across the country and perhaps even get some visits in.

Try out foods that I have put on the “gross” list

This is sort of a silly one, but there are foods that I haven’t liked my whole life and haven’t tried in years. So I will try tomatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe again and see if my taste buds have matured. I also want to add more veggies to my diet. Last year I tackled fruit, this year, I’ll try to add more green.

Learn a song on the guitar

So far, I know about 4 chords on the guitar. That isn’t enough! I want to know a simple song by the end of the year. This one is going to take practice, discipline and fingertip pain.

Do some cheap fun house (ok apartment) décor projects

So far on the list, hanging pictures, covering a canvas with fabric and finding pieces to complete the living room.

Continue my daily disciplines

I want to continue and improve my daily Bible reading. In addition, I’d like to keep my Monday-Friday workout schedule.

I will give updates throughout the year on how I’m doing with these 10 goals. I believe I can make progress on all of them, and accomplish most of them. Keep me accountable people! Till tomorrow…

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