In-House Shopping

10 Feb

This morning I went on a shopping and re-decorating spree without spending a dime. How, you ask? I assessed my current décor and stole pieces from places that could spare them.  Why? Well, ever since my mom and I set up a new sitting area in the living room , I’ve really liked it, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. So this morning I took advantage of my snowed-in status and searched my apartment for items to fill the void. For those of you with a minor redecorating dilemma, I suggest first shopping around your own excess knick-knacks, lamps and books to see if any of them could fill your trickiest problem space before shelling out your hard earned cash. It’s a fun exercise to make sure you’re using all your pieces to their best advantage.  See below for my dilemma and solution options.

The Dilemma

I love my newly recovered chairs and the curtains, but the bare table gave the space an unfinished look.

Solution 1 – 1.5: Glass Hurricane & Coffee Table Books

Where I got them:

I nabbed the hurricane from my above cabinet nook and the books from a hidden away side table. I don’t think either space will suffer from their absence, but that is the risk with in-house shopping. You may find the perfect solution for you dilemma space, but create a void in the place you took it from. Decisions, decisions!

The Product:

Something didn’t feel quite right about this to me. Maybe the height or the lack of practicality? I tried the books by themselves as well, but it just looked like they were placed there by accident.

Solution 2: Lamp & Coffee Table Books

Where I got them:

I stole the lamp from my desk nook. This may leave a void in the desk space, but I feel like the lamp is highlighted more in its new home.

The Product:

I feel like a lamp on the table is more logical and inviting. Maybe one of the chairs would make a great spot for an afternoon read? If there’s any kind of space that I love, it is one that invites reading.

The space is heading in the right direction, but not quite done.

Final Solution: Lamp, Books & Lantern

Where I got it:

I stole the lantern from the 2nd bathroom. I have to admit the counter may have acquired certain emptiness with its absence. But I do want the lanterns to be used to their full advantage. They were part of the centerpieces at my wedding, so they have sentimental meaning. And come on, they are really pretty.

The Product:

What do you think? Although, not practical, the lantern being in the living area does give it the potential to be seen and loved by more people. I think its cream color contrasts well with the green background and the height difference between the lamp and lantern is a good balance.

Done for today! I will give the new arrangement a couple of days to marinate. I’ll let you know if I make any changes.

2 Responses to “In-House Shopping”

  1. thriftymom February 14, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Good article!

    • alexispeters February 16, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

      Why thanks! It was fun to write and to finally address that unfinished space.

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