Sushi Night

21 Apr

Well folks, I feel it is my duty to share a great way to spend quality time with friends, indulge in interesting food and only spend 10 bucks.

Just one Buster and Ike picture and I’ll hand over the answer.

Ok, fine.

Host a sushi night! That’s right. I’m here to give you a brief rundown of the ‘weird’ ingredients you’ll need and a (rudimentary) outline of how to create a delicious sushi roll. Armed with this information you’ll be able to host your own spectacular night.

First, you need to make sticky rice. This is where most of the abbynormal meal components come in. One of our meal participants braved a local Asian market to obtain the sushi rice and rice vinegar.

He also gathered the sushi roll mats, sea weed paper and wasabi. Nice arrangement, huh?

Sticky rice prep is very similar to plain Jane white rice makin’. Observe.

1. Rinse 2 cups rice.

2. Add 3 cups water.

3. Bring to boil.

4. Simmer covered for 20 minutes. Easy peasy.

Here’s where things veer toward interesting. It is time to make the vinegar sauce.

1. Combine ½ C rice vinegar, 1 TB oil, ¼ C sugar and 1 tsp salt in a small sauce pan.

2. Heat over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves.

When the sauce cools introduce it to its future best friend, the rice. Stir like crazy. You’ll want to make the rice ahead of the gathering so it will be cool enough to handle when people are ready to roll.

You may want to grab a couple apps for the sushi faint at heart. Spring rolls and pot stickers were just the ticket.

Now it is time to gather your potential fillings. We went for avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, salmon, crab and shrimp.

Cut the veggies. Cut the meat. And cook any shell fish. Arrange.

Have one person chop while everyone else critiques his technique.

We boiled the shrimp for about two minutes.

Our spread. Buster was a fan.

Now it is time to ROLL.

1. To keep your mats clean you can use plastic wrap like so.

2. Put rice on your sea weed paper (you can also go for rice on the outside, the sky is the limit).

Warning, your hands will get dirty.

3. Pick your fillings.

4. Roll tightly. Try not to wrap the plastic in the roll. This may take team work.

5. Cut into pieces.

6. Or eat as a sushi burrito.

We all had a lot of fun and left very full. Good times, great price. Our next projected group meal is a shrimp boil. I’ll share the deets if/when that goes down. Have a great Thursday!

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