Eating Memphis. Again.

27 Jan

That’s right. Last weekend Ike and I visited nearby Memphis for another weekend with friends (read: 2 days of relentless eating). Sure, we spent some time at a basketball game and checking out the Peabody ducks, but what I really remember are the laughs we all shared – oh and the mounds of fried chicken. If you live close to Memphis and have taste buds, you should consider a weekend jaunt soon. Read on for the delicious reasons you should plan your trip ASAP.

With friends on the Peabody.

Reason 1: Muddy’s Bakery

Sweet goodness.

A repeat offender, and by that I mean they prepare baked goods so delicious I’m forced to eat more than I originally planned, Muddy’s bakery was as delicious as I remembered it was. I was again impressed by their reasonable prices ($1 coffee!) and decadent icing. This time Ike and I split not 1 but 3 cupcakes. Don’t judge, we were on vacation!

Reason 2: Brother Junipers

Fancy open face omelets and the renowed cheese grits.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Especially when I have fluffy, hot pancakes the size of my face in front of me. This breakfast joint’s claim to fame? Rachel Ray discovered it and raved. And she and the horde of locals there with us that morning were right, Brother Junipers is delicious. If sweet breakfast isn’t your thing, they offer a wide selection of fancy omelets. From a classic Denver to a Greek-inspired one with gyro meat. Tip: the sides are also worth the calories. We had the home fries and cheese grits. Yum.

Reason 3: Gus’s Fried Chicken

I can admit this is a personal problem, but I do not eat chicken off the bone. It’s just weird and a little too greasy for me. So, I went with the chicken strips at Gus’s. Sorry. It’s lame, I know. But the point is I was not disappointed by the crispy, unexpectedly spicy skin, nor by the tender, juicy meat. Would I go again? Yes. Although, I’d wait at least a year or so. I’m not a medical professional, but I feel like there’s a reason that the saying isn’t “One piece of delicious fried chicken a day keeps the doctor away.” Maybe because fried chicken done right is irresistible?

The moral of the story? Get yourself to Memphis. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be back.

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